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Welcome to The Menace's Attic!

Listen to the show on:
KEGR 97.7 FM, Concord, CA
Tuesday at 8 p.m. (Pacific) and Friday at 12 noon and 11 p.m. (Pacific). 107.5, Porirua, New Zealand
Thursday at 6 pm (NZST)
KBUU 99.1 FM, Malibu, CA.
Friday at 9 pm. (Pacific)
Bombshell Radio, Toronto, Ontario
Monday, Wednesday & Friday 2- 3 pm (Pacific)
IndieSF, Santa Fe/Denver
Sunday at 10 a.m. (Pacific)

Each week Dennis The Menace goes up to his musical attic (his brain) to create sets of rock and roll music you’ve never heard together before and probably never will again. The songs are put together by a “loose theme” and might share some intricate musical heritage, make for the ultimate segué, or just sound good together.

Six decades are in the mix from doo-wop to British Invasion hits and rarities to punk to 80’s New Wave all topped with the best melodic rock of today. Every 7th Show is the 7" Edition where all music is played off 45 rpm records with lots of flip sides and imports in the mix. Throughout the show Dennis offers one-of-a-kind factoids about the artists and the music, gives away concert and movie tickets, and talks about his daughter Kate a lot!

This Week – Episode #842

“I Still Have The Turntables Warmed Up From Last Week’s Show, So, Before They Stop Spinnin’ Let’s Go ‘Round Another Final Vinyl Edition!”


Opening Song
Switchboard Susan – The Searchers (Sire)
Set # 1 I Can’t Put My Finger On It, But There’s Something About You That’s Way Out Of The Norm. Your Clothing. Your Voice, And Most Notably That Scuba Gear You Wear To Bed Every Night!
Do You Want To Get Funky With Me? – Peter Brown (Drive)
Fantastic Voyage – Lakeside (Solar)
U Bring The Freak Out – Rick James (Gordy)
Set # 2 She Had One Of The Most Firm Handshakes I Ever Encountered, But Her Conviction Really Had Me Believing She Was From Another Planet!
Shake A Hand – Faye Adams (Herald)
Convict – Jules and the Polar Bears (Columbia)
Take Me To Your Leader – The Sinceros (Columbia)
Sanctify Yourself – Simple Minds (A&M)
Set # 3 This First Band Band Is Touring For The First Time In Years And People Are Very Excited. I Don’t Feel The Need To Repeat Excited Because It’s The The One Word That Defines Itself.
Uncertain Smile – The The (Epic)
Liar Liar – The Castaways (SOMA)
Set # 4 While There’s No Prize, You Can Win My Devine Respect If You Guess Which One Of These Songs Is Not A Cover!
Something’s Burning – Blue Swede (Capitol)
True Love Ways – Peter & Gordon (Capitol)
Born To Be Wild – Mars Bonfire (Columbia)
Closing Song
Pipeline – Chantays (Dot)

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