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Just Another Menace Sunday

Just Another Menace Sunday

Listen to the show on:
KBUU 99.1 FM, Malibu, CA.
Friday at 10 pm (Last Sunday’s show) 107.5, Porirua, New Zealand
Saturday night at 12 midnight/Sunday at 6 pm (NZST)
IndieSF, Santa Fe/Denver
Sunday at 11 a.m. (Pacific)
Bombshell Radio, Toronto, Ontario
Sunday at 1 pm (Pacific)
Monday at 3 am (Pacific)
Wednesday (Replay) at 8 am and 12 am (Pacific)

Hour 1: Interviews and "Musical Sandwich" Sets with Rock and Roll Artists Of Note. These ARE NOT be the classic 10 minute hype the latest music interviews. Dennis the Menace will be talking to these artists in the casual, conversational style he has become well-known in his over 30 years as an air personality. The interview is followed by the now famous "Musical Sandwich": Two of the artists songs as the bread and anything they want to play by other artists as the "fillings" in-between. Fact is musicians make the best D.J.'s!
Please look at the JAMS interview page to see all the artists that have appeared on the show!

Hour 2: All New Melodic Rock and Roll ala Dennis The Menace.
From Brit Pop, to American Power Pop, singer/songwriters to bands and "collectives", major label to indie, if DTM thinks it's great songwriting, and melody, adding up to the kind of music that makes him say "Omigod!", he plays it – usually days after he gets it! Which means that the audience tends to hear a lot of "firsts" and they like it that way!

This Week's Interview: Hatchie
DTM & Hatchie


Theme Song
Just Another Menace Sunday Theme (Dennis The Menace) - Mighty Six Ninety
Hour 1
OPENING SONG: Sleep – Hatchie
TOP BREAD: Sugar & Spice – Hatchie
We Gotta Get You A Woman – Runt (Todd Rundgren)
Lucky Girl – Fazerdaze
Hands All Over Me – Tamaryn
Letting Go – Wild Nothing
The Lovers – Nine Inch Nails
Something To Remember Me By – The Horrors
You and Me – The Wannadies
Do You Ever Glow? – Green Buzzard
Where You Lead – Carole King
I Believe In You – Kylie Minogue
Life Goes On – The Sundays
BOTTOM BREAD: Try – Hatchie
Hour 2
OPENING SONG: The Twentieth Call Of The Day – Perry Serpa (Schoolkids)
Unwanted Number – Elvis Costello (Concord)
Four Years – Cullen Omari (Sub Pop)
Cub – Roo Panes (CRC)
Twin Peaks – Saint Sister (Self Release)
The Sonambulist – Echo and The Bunnymen (BMG)
Pass The Acetone – Broken Baby (Palo Santo)
Jet Fighter – The Bangles (Yep Roc)
She’s Obsessed With Herself – The Ar-Kaics (Self Release)
Beatz 4 Days – Blew Money (Earjack)
Up Against Time – The Helio Sequence (Sub Pop)
Human Being – K.T. Tunstall (Rostrum)
CLOSING SONG: Riding On Your Misery – Thrill You Kill You (Self Release)
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