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Hour 1: These are not your 10 minute “So dude, how’s the tour goin’” interviews – they are the entire first hour of JAMS. The result: A conversation instead of an interview. The cherry on top of this musical sundae, uh, Sunday is the exclusive Musical Sandwich: Two of the artists songs as the bread and as many songs from other artists as they want in between – all segued live in the studio from real records and CD’s exactly as they are requested.

Hour 2: What EXACTLY is “New Melodic Rock and Roll ala Dennis The Menace?”
Definition 1: It’s like the music we play on “The Menace’s Attic” except it’s new. Single, album track, or a 4-track demo. Tiniest indie label, or one of the majors. Definition 2: It’s not “typical alternative rock and roll.”

This Week's Interview: The Spinners
DTM & The Spinners
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