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How does Dennis The Menace come up with these sets? Well, it's kind of like Russian roulette. He starts with way more songs from six decades of rock and roll than there is time to play, and sorts them in ways that even he can't explain. Then he puts a few into each set, and attempts to write a fun introduction to each one. About 24 hours before show time, he looks at the playlist again to see if he still likes it and often changes it again. But the most fun of all, is that he never practices the segués ahead of time. It's real live CD's and vinyl which means scratches, skips and engineering mistakes that are often the most fun part of the show.

This Week – Episode #1005

“It’s Rare An Artist Is Worthy Of A Tribute That Carries Much Of The Show. In This Case, If You’re A Doubting Thomas, You Might Want To Take The Love Boat Outta Here!"


Opening Song
Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head – B.J. Thomas (Scepter)
Set #1 Wow, I Never Would Have Expected That The Sitar Would Get Hooked Up In Pop Music As It Did. And Yet It Didn’t Clear Out The Room, Or The Town When It Did!
Hooked On A Feeling – B.J. Thomas (Scepter)
Heart Full Of Soul – The Yardbirds (Epic)
Cry Like A Baby – The Box Tops
My City Was Gone – The Pretenders (Sire)
Everybody’s Out Of Town - B.J. Thomas (Scepter)
Set #2 As Usual, It All Starts Out With The Belief Things Are Going To Work Out And By The End Of The Set There’s No Doubt That Love Has Been Shown The Door Once Again!
I Just Can’t Help Believing - B.J. Thomas (Scepter)
I’m A Believer - The Monkees (Colgems)
In And Out Of Love – The Supremes (Motown)
No Love At All – B.J. Thomas (Scepter)
Set #3 It’s Really Not Good For Me To Put You To Sleep In The Third Set, So We’ll Start With A Hallelujah And Avoid Rocking You To Sleep Until The Very Last Song!
Mighty Clouds Of Joy - B.J. Thomas (Scepter)
Brewing Up A Storm – The Stunning
Rock And Roll Lullaby - B.J. Thomas (Scepter)
Set #4 Even Though It Seems All Wrong We’re Gonna Continue The Positive Vibes Baby!
(Hey Won’t You Play) Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song - B.J. Thomas (ABC)
Here Comes My Baby – The Tremeloes (Epic)
Don’t Worry Baby – B.J. Thomas (MCA)
Closing Song
Sleepwalk - Santo & Johnny (Canadian American)

Playlist Archives


#268 - "Why Be A Teen Heartthrob When There Are So Many Other Better Throbbable Parts Of The Body?!" Edition.

#321 - "Tonight We Explore A Man Whose Passion For Music Is So Strong He Has Given Up Years Of Friday Nights To Share It A Man Whose Dedication Is Legendary, Whose Aroma Is Fragrant, Whose Living Room Is Filled With Music And Who Wants To See If You Are Paying Any Attention To What He Just Said!"

#322 - "Well, I Voted And I'm Sure My Vote Counted Because I Stuck Around For The Count And Finally Learned How To Use An Abacus!" Edition

#323 - "How Many Time Do I Have To Tell You That Every Seventh Show Is The 7" Edition? If You Don't Listen To Me, Next Time Your Going To Bed Without Dinner And Your Radio!" Edition

#324 - "How Excited Am I About My New YEAR Thing Happening A Week From Tonight? So Excited I Am Turning Tonight's Menace's Attic Into A Talk Show And Won't Be Playing Any Music For The Next 60 Minutes ! Hello, Are You Still There? Did You Hang Up On Me?" Edition

#325 - "In Order To Test and Practice With My New Audio Equipment For YEAR, This Show Is Actually Being Recorded In My Living Room With Music Pulled As We Go Along!" Edition

#371 - "The Great Thing About The 7" Edition Is That I Can Wear All Of My Analog Clothing To The Studio � It's So Much Softer Than Those Digital Duds!" (All Set Intros Tonight Have The Same Structure And End Result � Memorize All Four And Win A Prize!)

#372 - "It's The Devil Or Angel Edition - Love Meets Evil One One Exciting Night In Honor Of Valentine's Day And Friday The 13th!" Edition

#373 - "It's Amazing How Shopping At Trader Joe's Can Inspire Me To Do A Radio Show, And No This Is Not A Dedication To Two Buck Chuck, Who Is Actually Four Buck Chuck In New York City!" Edition

#374 - We've Accomplished. I Do Know That By The Time We Get To 33 And A Third Percent, Things Better Start Spinning Or We're In Worse Trouble Than We Thought!" Edition

#424 - "Our Special Guest Tonight Inspired Me To Let New York City Take Over The Show, And So If You Don't Have Your Token, Don't Even Think Of Listening!" Edition

#425 - "What Could Be Sweeter In Honor Of Valentine's Day Than Some Power Pop And Special Guests Who Is Mighty Sweet On It?" Edition

#426 - "If I Could Change The Space-Time Continuum, I'd Be Super Happy Right Now. Or At Least My 7 a.m. Flight To A Later One! " Edition

#427 - "This Show Couldn't Be Any More Off The Wall, �Cause Every Song Is Pulled Off The Back Wall Of My Living Room � And No Paint Was Chipped In The Process!" Edition

#475 - "Well Kids, USF Tried To Kill This Show, But Fact Is Dennis The Menace Isn't Even Susceptible To Kryptonite, So Why Would A Bunch Of Money-Grubbing, Sleazy, Jesuit University Bozos Be Able To Keep Me Off Of The Air!?"

#476 - "Whether You're Talking About Blue Collar or White Collar Crime, Tonight We're Guilty As Charged And Starched Here On The Menace's Attic!"

#477 - The "I'm One Show Late On The 7" Edition So I'm Going To Blame It On The Time Space Continuum Caused By The Oversized Holes In 45 RPM Records That Effects The Sun, The Moon And The Menace!" Edition

#478 - The "Tonight's Show Has It All: Cheating, Insomnia, Destruction, Unique Smells And The Usual Array Of Narrative Nonsense, Based On Having Very Little Clue Of What Direction We're Heading In, Or When And If We'll Get There In The 59 Minutes We Have Left After This Way Too Long Introductory Title! " Edition

#523 - "I Was All Set To Do Something Political And Then Don Cornelius Died. So I Decided We Had To Take A Non-Stop Ride On The Soul Train!" Edition

#524 - "Artists Keith Richards And Iggy Pop Obviously Have Nine Lives. So, Why Can't They Loan A Couple To Whitney, Amy, Don And Others Who Should Still Be With Us? " Edition

#525 - It's The Can You Believe It I Did The Math Right And It's Time For The "7" Edition Of This Radio Show. Well It's Not Really The Time Per Se, Because This Show Airs At Three Different Times Each Week. And It's Not Exactly The Date Either. It's Just The Mathematically Correct Answer That Equals What You Get When You Divide Seven By � Geez I Better Stop Or It Will Not Be Time For The Next One!

#526 - It's THE 12" EDITION

#575 - "This Show Will Be Full Of Hits And Misses. Hey Wait, It's Super Bowl Weekend, So Really The Goal Of This Show Should Be To Tackle Something We Never Have Before � A Show Without Bad Puns Like The Two That Just Occurred! Well, Either Way I'm Sure We'll Have A Ball!"

#576 - "I'm Not Sure I've Ever Done A Show Quite Like This Before. In Tribute To Reg Of The Troggs, They Appear In All Four Sets, And Each Of Those Sets Have A Title That Ends The Same Way. I'd Say That Will Truly Make It A Wild Thing!"

#577 - "To Celebrate The Exciting New AudioArts Air 4 Mixing Desk In The Menace Studio, We're Putting It Through Its Paces With An All 7" Record Party!"

#578 - "It's Certainly Not Summer Yet, But Since We Are Paying Tribute To Shadow Morton, Whaddya Say We Pretend?!"

#627 - "A Very Personal Tribute To Pete Seeger"

#628 - "This Week Brought A Shock To The System That I Think The Best Way To Work Through With Is With A Storm Of Respect And Celebration."

#629 - "Everyone Says I Should Write A Book And I Tell Them I Am Too Busy Doing The Radio Show To Do That. So, I Decided That I Would Do Something Novel With The Show This Week!"

#630 - "It's Another Top 40 7" Edition! Wow That's a Lot Of Numbers And I'm Not Very Good At Math, So Let's Just Let The Music Add Up To Something That Makes Cents!"

#678 - "23 Films Later I'm Back With A Lot Of Stories Most Of Which Have Nothing To Do With Sundance!"

#679 - "If You Don't Fall In Or Out Of Love By The End Of This Show, Then I Suppose You Are Immune To The Love Bug! I'm Sorry Herbie!"

#680 - "We're Paying Tribute To Three Musicians And A Super Talented And Funny Man Tonight And That Will Take The Sets To A Heavenly Place!"

#681 - "We're A Week Late For The 7" Edition Due To The Unavoidable Losses Last Week. With That I Promise This Show Will Be A Winner!"

#727 - #727 "Talk About Freaky! Two Members Of An Iconic Band Die At The Same Age On The Same Day! No, That's Not A Tabloid Newspaper Headline, It's As Real As The Two Dollar Bill! So, We're Going To Fly With It And See Where It Takes Us!"

#728 - "This Show Has All The Elements Of Another Tribute � It Seems We Can't Go A Week Without One. So, For Our Second 7" Edition Of 2016, Some Single Mixes Of The Singular Maurice White From Earth, Wind And Fire Are In The Mix."

#729 - "A Tribute To Vanity And Then A Show With No Direction At Least Not As We Start Out. But With The Right GPS, I'm Sure We'll Get Somewhere Eventually."

#730 - "I Think You Are Really Going To Love This Show Or At Least The Songs Because They Are All Lovely!!"

#778 - "I'm Literally Days Back From The Sundance Film Festival And I'm Going Right Back To Tinseltown! Who Calls It Tinseltown And Why You Ask? Well I Have The Answers Of Course! "

#779 - "In All The Years I've Hosted This Radio Show I've Worked Hard To Make Sure No One Can Put A Label On It. So, Tonight I'm Going To Put Four On! That's Four On � So Don't Be Floored. It's A Three Week's Late 7" Edition Too!"

#780 - "A Tribute To A Jazz Artist Who Crossed Over And Some Truly Unintended Political Commentary Because As You Might Know The Closest I Come To Being Political Is Voting What Songs I'm Going To Put Together For This Radio Extravaganza!"

#781 - "I Think It's Time I Started My Own Dance Craze. After All Who Wouldn't Want To Be Menace-ing On The Dance Floor. It Would Get You All The Girls And The Guys And Of Course Mr. Wilson Would Show Up And Shut The Whole Thing Down!"

#831 - "Two More Music Icons Have Taken A Fall, And Their Influence Is Instrumental In The Making Of This Show."

#832 - "We've Lost An Iconic Soul Vocalist, Who Had A Voice That Was Dark And Gritty, Enough To Lead Anyone Into Temptation."

#833 - "I Started With One Show Concept, Moved On To Another And That Lasted Two Sets. So For My Third Salvo, I Simply Went With Where Well Actually Who Things Were Going Before I Ran Out Of Time!"

#834 - "Even Though We Limit This Show To Six Decades Of Rock and Roll By Theme, There's Always Something New On The 7" Edition!"

#881 - “A Tribute To One Of The Most Distinctive Session Guitarist And A Selection Of His Greatest Licks!”

#882 - This 7” Edition Will Be A Collectable For Some Of You And Others Will Say, “Really, Why Do You Listen To A Guy Who Plays A Bunch Of Scratchy Old Records?” Yup, This One’s For You Lenny!

#883 - #883 As Controversial As It May Be This Show Involves Russia, Hollywood, #Me Too, And #You Too, But Not The Band!

#884 - “In All The Years I’ve Done This Show, I’ve Never Had To Do It During A State Of Emergency. I Know We’ll Persevere And Make It Through This Together!”

#935 - “I Got Back To L.A. To Discover That We Lost One Of The Gang” And Discovered An 80’s Song I Never Knew Existed Because It Wasn’t From The 80’s. Plus, Sundance Stories – No Spoilers I Promise!"

#936 - “It’s Another One Of Those Shows Where The Dots Connect Through The Words And The Words Connect Through The Songs And The Songs...Okay, Dots Enough. I Need To Get To The Music!"

#938 - “For Those Of You Are Stressed With Your Daily Life Consider This Show Your Primal Scream! It’s Loaded With Music That Will Take Your Cares Away, And You Won’t Have To Pay Rush Hour Rates!"

#939 - “It’s A Freeform 7” Edition With The Added Addition Of Your Host With The Most Hitting The Post!”

#989 - “Well, I’m Back From Virtual Sundance, And We Have A New Show Full Of Old Music. Now, If At This Moment You Are Feeling Discombobulated, Me Too. What Is Amazing In Itself Is That I Managed To Spell The Word Discombobulated Without Using Spellcheck!"

#990 - “We Are Just Ten Away From Show #1000, So I Want To Make Sure I Bat That Well For The Next 9 Starting With This Iconic Vinyl Edition!"

#991 - “Sometimes I Have Stories And Memories To Tell You About And The Beauty Of This Show Is There Is No Corporate Agenda Here. So If You Can Dig It Then Dig In!"

#1039 - Some Tears For Mr. Halligan, Some Dance Music Extra Flavor And We’ll Roll The Dice From There.

#1040 - A Show Based On A Film That Most Everyone Liked And We Didn’t So Much. And A TV Show That We Loved Back In The Day That Influenced Most Everything But The Film We Didn’t Like Because They Probably Wouldn’t Allow It On The Tele There!

#1041 - A Tribute To A Film Director Producer Inspires A Show That Is A Free In Form From There As A Buffet Dinner At The Saugerties Rest Stop!

#1042 - It’s A Top 40 7” Edition, 94.7% Courtesy Of Amoeba Hollywood And Courtesy Of – Percentages Not Verified By A Certifiably Sane Accounting Firm!

#1088 - I Was Never A Huge Fan Of Television, But I Do Remember Seeing Them Back In 2012 And The Vertical Hold Was Dialed In Just Right.

#1089 - The Shortest Versions Of The Longest Songs And Other Excuses For Faster Grooves! (AKA All 45 rpm Singles, Yet Again.)

#1090 - Two Soulful Tributes To Two Men Who Created Memorable Music – Though We Only Have Time For A Few Samples.

#1138 - “If You Think That Song About The Roller Skates Represents The Artist We’re Playing Tribute To Tonight, I’ve Got Something You Need Edition!”

#1139 - “Whatever Happened To Good Old Thunderstorms? Now We Have An Atmospheric River Which Truly Should Have Been The Title Of The Next Yanni Album!”

#1140 - “I’ve Been Really Good At Programming The Show The Last Couple Of Weeks, So Once Again I’m Going To Let Me Flag Of Freaks Fly. Wait, Did I Do Something To Piss Off The Conservatives Or The Hippies There?!”

#1141 - “Please Don’t Hold Me Responsible For The Lyrics Of Any Of These Songs. The Covers Say They’ve All Got The Good Housekeeping Seal. And We All Know How Good The Housekeepers Actually Are!”


#270 - The "Once Again The Show Is About Love, Not My Love, Not Your Love, Just The Kind Of Love That Makes The Sets Work." Edition.

#271 - The "I Know You'd Love To Be With Me Seeing All Those Bands At South By Southwest, So This Time I Am Bringing Back Some BBQ For Each And Every One Of You, Just Send Me Your Address And I'll Mail �Ya Rib" Edition.

#272 - The "Normally I Do My South By Southwest Wrap-Up On The Sunday Show, But They Told Me That If I Want A Press Pass Next Year, I Have To Make A Bigger Deal Than Ever Out Of It, So I Decided To Go For Maximum Ratings! Gosh, I Hope The Folks At South by Southwest Aren't Listening Or Boy Am I In Big Trouble! What? I Have To Send Them A Copy Of This Or They Won't Know I Did It? Well, Get Ready Mouth, The Foot Is On its Way!" Edition.

#273 - The "I'm Not Sure Which I'm More Excited About, Spring Or April Fools. Have No Fear, Even On Regular Friday Nights, This Show Has A Lot Of Both. (Whatever That Means!)" Edition

#326 - "It's The South by Southwest Warm Up Edition. To Get Ready Tonight While On The Air, I'll Be Eating Bad Pizza, Chugging Shiner Boch Beer And Only Sleeping During The Long Songs!" Edition

#327 - "Dennis Is At South By Southwest Tonight So His Ventriloquist Dummy Is Hosting The Show!" Edition

#328 - "I'm Back From SXSW And It Was So Much Fun, I Decided To Bring Some Leftovers Back For You. Unfortunately, It Didn't Travel All So Well On The Plane So All I Have Left Is This Strategically Placed Glop Of BBQ Sauce From Ironworks!" Edition

#329 - "I've Had To Come Up With An Original Title For This Radio Show 328 Times Now, And That Is No Small Feat. That Said, I Never Was A Huge Fan Of Little Feat, So There Will Be No "Dixie Chicken" Tonight. Which Reminds Me Of This Terrible Jingle I Heard When I Was A Kid, "Don't Cook Tonight Call Chicken Delight." I'll Bet You'd Pay More More Than A Poultry Sum To Shut Up And Get To The Music!" Editi

#375 - "It's Been A Hell Of A Week, And I Couldn't Be Happier To Be In My Little Studio Cocoon Where The Evils Of The World Can't Find Me � Except Perhaps Johnny Rotten!" Edition

#376 - "This One's For The Girls � The First Ever Menace's Attic Almost All Female Vocals (Though There Will Likely Be Guys Playing Instruments" Edition

#377 - "While I'm At SXSW I Decided To Record A Show In The Menace Home Studio Using Only The Comp CD's I Made For D.J.'ing For Bands Like The Smithereens, Dramarama and The Plimsouls At Caf� Du Nord!" Edition

#378 - "This Show Is Fresh Out Of The Oven, So Please Be Sure To Wear Your Mitts While Turning Up The Volume, Or Handling Your Internet Applications To Tune It In!" (Also It's Technically, The 7") Edition

#428 - "After The Last Two Weeks Of Pre-Recorded Shows, You Probably Don't' Think I'll Ever Come In Live On A Friday Night Again. Well, Guess What, I'm Going To Live Here For At Least Two More Weeks Before South-By-Southwest!!" Edition

#429 - "This Show Was Put Together In Just 25 Minutes And It Takes An Hour To Actually Do It. Hmmm, Am I Just Talking Half As Fast And Playing The Records At The Wrong Speed? Or Is It True This Daylight Savings Time Stuff Must Go?!" Edition

#430 - "Yup, I'm In Austin Again At South By Southwest And That Means You Can Smell The Shiner Bock On My Breath From A Mile Away, But Please Don't Put Me In The Clinker With Those Rock �n Roll Hatin' Thugs Again!" Edition

#431 - "Well, I'm Back From SXSW Live And Glad To Be Alive!" Edition

#479 - The "The Things I Learn While Programming This Radio Show Could Never Be Learned In School. For Example No Teacher Ever Taught Me That The Bird Is A Word! Ooops! Did I Just Give Away The First Song Of The First Set? " Edition

#480 - The "I've Been So Busy Preparing To Go To Austin For South By Southwest, That It's A Miracle I Didn't Serve Up Ribs, White Bread and Beans Instead Of Music For This Radio Show!" Edition.

#482 - The "Tonight The Slogan Of This Radio Show Makes Total Sense Edition Because I'm Not Cheating On The New Part, The Old Part Or The Dusty Part!" Edition.

#527 - "This Show Isn't Going To Monkee Around. We Have A Tribute And A Vacation Story To Get To. So, Let's Get To Work!"

#528 - "As Far As I Can Tell Everything On This Show Is Made In America Including Your Host. And Know You Cannot Check My Label To Prove It!"

#529 - "I'm At SXSW, And That Means That I Didn't Have A Lot Of Time To Plan This Show Before I Left So It's Another Freeform Edition!"

#530 - "How Ironic That I'm AT South By Southwest And This Show Premieres On A New Radio Station In The Southwest (Boy, Can That Dennis The Menace Twist A Phrase!)"

#579 - "Well, I'm Off To The 35th Reunion For My College Radio Station WCDB, Albany. It's Kind Of Amazing I Was One Of The First DJ's On The Air And I Just Had My 36th Birthday!"

#580 - "There's No Overarching Theme For This Week's Show, Though Each Individual Set Will Have One As Usual. By The Way, None Of This Has Anything To Do With Sneakers! Overarching! Get It? Sneakers! Boy, When I Hit Upon A Great Sneaker Joke, There's No Stopping Me!"

#581 - "Since I've Been At SXSW All This Week I've Had No Time To Plan This Show. That Means It's Another Freeform Edition With Every Song Picked Minutes Before The One Before It Ends!"

#582 - "I'm Back From SXSW With Everything Intact Except My Voice! Well, Actually My Brain Is A Bit Fried Too! That's Why This Entire Show Has A Novel Approach And I'm Throwing Out The Rule Book! Oh Wait, That's Every Week, Isn't It?"

#583 - "It's Been A Wild Week Between The Government Trying To Decide Who Can Get Married, And The Corporate Folks Deciding They'd Divorce People En Masse!"

#631 - "While We Will Definitely Pay Respect To Jim, Bob And Harold, We Will Also Be Phasing Out A Few Things While Remaining Positively Romantic By The End Of The Show!"

#632 - "This Week We Take This Usually Classy Show To Trailer Park, Dark Rooms And Other Places Where Movie Moguls Mad Men, And Other Evil Humans Tread Tirelessly To Entertain Us For The All-Mighty Dollar!"

#633 - "For The Record, Just Because I Am At The South By Southwest Festival Doesn't Mean You Don't Get A New Radio Show Edition!"

#634 - "It All Started With An Amazing Find At Waterloo Records In Austin During South by Southwest And From There In The Historical And Hysterical Words Of Jackie Gleason �A Little Traveling Music Please!'"

#635 - "We Start By Paying Tribute To A Percussive Stooge And Then Move On To A Show Featuring Songs I Seriously Like With No Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk In The Grooves!"

#682 - "Since 2002, The Tagline For This Show Has Been Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Dusty. So, That's The Plan For This Show, And It Should Really Be Something!"

#683 - "In All These Years Of The Show And The Thousands Of Songs I've Played Based On A Theme, I've Never Done A Show Featuring Songs That Are Actually Songs Or About Them!"

#684 - "A Two Song Tribute, A SXSW Story Or Two, And Even More Reasons Why I'm More Than Happy to Be Home!!"

#731 - "The Good News Is I'm Going To Live, The Bad News Is This Minor Skin Cancer Thing Is Going To Leave Me In Stiches!!"

#732 - "A Tribute To A Woman With A Powerful Voice And Lots Of Other Smiths, Jones And Other Names That Used To Fill Phone Books. Remember Those?!"

#733 - "This Was To Be A Full Hour For George Martin, But Keith Has Also Left The Building So There Are Now Two Lucky Men To Pay Tribute To."

#734 - "It All Starts With The Lyric And Where It Goes From There Is Beyond Meaning!"

#782 - "Sometimes I Have Trouble Keeping Track Of What I Play On This Radio Show. This One Won't Be A Problem Because Everyone Knows Good Things Come On Track 3!"

#783 - "A Front And Center Tribute To A Back-Up Singer, And A Concept Show That Started With An Upcoming Documentary About One Of My Favorite Four Star, Three-Letter Bands!"

#784 - "I'm On A Road Trip To Austin This Week For SXSW, So I Thought I Would Bring You Along!"

#785 - "Almost Every Hit And Couple Of Rare Ones In Tribute To Mr. Berry!"

#835 - "It's Not Spring Yet, But Even If It Was, Those Of You In New Zealand Would insist On A Show About Fall, So Basically, I Had To Scrap The Show About The Seasons Again And Be A Man For All Seasons Like Say, Oregano!"

#836 - "This Show Is Dedicated To My Partner, A Term That Really Confuses Folks, Because We're Not Country And Western Fans! "

#837 - "If This Show Was Any More Candy Coated, You Would All Require Fillings. Luckily, We Have A Worldwide Network Of People Who Know The Drill! "

#838 - "Even Though I Just Returned From Austin Texas, There Is No Official BBQ'ed Meat On This Show, Though There Very Well Might Be Some Sides!"

#839 - "It's Another Freeform Six Decades In The Mix Thing. Have You Ever Thought About The Fact That The Word Freeform Makes No Sense. How Can You Be Free If You Have Form?"

#885 - ”This Just in: We’ve Lost Mark And Peter, A Talker And A Monkee.”

#889 - ”One Tribute (Of Course) And Then A Hodge Podge Of Music That Was In The Studio. Have No Fear, It’s Not Bad Music. In Fact, It’s Great Music. But I Went To The Dentist Today And Decided Hodge Podge Was The Way To Go.“

#890 - ”A Tribute To Hal Blaine and One For Dick Dale”

#891 - ”I’m Two Shows Mathematically Late On The 7” Edition, And Even Though You Want A Letter From My Parents There Are Two Reasons Why That Won’t Happen. They’re Dead, And Even IF They Were Alive, My Reasons Are As Valid As My Expired Library Card!”

#940 - “I’d Love To Tell You To Beware The Ides Of March, But I Really Don’t Have Enough Hare, Uh, Hair To Do It, So Join Me For A Wonderland Of Songs Even Alice Would Love!"

#941 - “This Is The One That Started Out As A Girl, Moved Into The Hey’s And The I Wannas. And Ended Up As They Always Do, Back Where It All Started!”

#942 - “As I Thought About A Theme For This And Future Shows I Realized That The Only One There Has To Be In The Forseeable Future Is Music That Makes Us Forget For A Moment About These Times We’re Living In.” AKA Music To Quarantine By!

#943 - “A Tribute, A Request That We Requested And Other Music That is Definitely Not Sanitary, But Please Wash Your Hands Before You Do What It Takes To Turn it Up Loud!"

#992 - “What Makes A True Hit Song? Well, For Many Musicologists, There’s Only Middle Ground. Or To Put It Another Way, You Better Put The Eight Ball In The Side Pocket!”

#993 - “We’re Having A Record Party And You’re Invited. Please Don’t Bring Your Rare Vinyls ‘Cause The School Record Player Tracks At Like 8 Grams!”

#994 - “This Is Our Last 7” Edition Before We Hit Episode #1000. I Started To Do The Math And Realized It Was Irrelevant Since This Show Is Analog, Not Digital!”

#995 - “We Aren’t Batting A Thousand For Another Four Shows. My Goal Is To Make Sure That Each Of Those Will Be Better Than Average. So, I’m Going To Give It A Shot! Oh, And By The Way, Spring Is Here!"

#1043 - A Tribute To An Iconic Rock ‘n Roll Voice And Lots Of Flotsam And Jetsam (AKA Mostly True Stories) From There.

#1044 - Just When We’re Coming Out Of This Two Years Of Insanity, The Russian Guy Has To Start A War And Bring Gas Prices Up To Their Highest In Years. Someday, I’ll Look Back On This Show And Say, “Those Were The Days.”

#1045 - Two Tributes Followed By Some Educational Yakking And A Few Records Found At Alex’s Place He Hangs When He’s Not Running The Record Shop At Coachella!

#1046 - It’s A Semi-Freeform Edition. Think Of It As My Rock And Roll Love Letter To You!

#1092 - I’m Back From NYC With A Sniffle – I Have Decided It’s Nothing More Than That. Of Course These Days You Can’t Be Snotty About That Sort Of Thing – Or Take For Granted That Just Because You Have Freedom, Your Radio Show Will Come Out As Unplanned As Planned.

#1093 - I Didn’t Find Any Records On The Upper West Side, But The Sheet Music Was Cool – And That Early Tears For Fears Spanish Record Was Mint!

#1095 - This Show Was Never Really Lost Before It Was Found, But If You Know Where I Left My Umbrella In Austin, Please Arrange Its Return. I’ll Pay The Postage.

#1142 - “The Thinking Behind This One Might Be Harder To Follow Than Usual. I Highly Suggest You Pull Out The AAA Triptik Of Your Choice And Follow Along!”

#1143 - “Cassettes? 12” Dance Mixes? Who Says Radio Is A Medium Of The Past!”

#1144 - “I Come Back From The Fantasy Of SXSW And There’s The Reality Of Three Tributes. Ironically, The One With The Biggest Hit Records Also Was A Political Jerkball, Yeah!”

#1145 - “Have You Ever Gone To A Record Store, I Mean Vinyl Shop And They Have A Bag With A Bunch Of Mystery Records For Like $10.00 And You Can’t Decide Whether To Buy Them Or Not! Well, At Least This Radio Show Is Free!”


#274 - The "Once Again, My Math Failed Me Because I Was Supposed To Do The 7" Edition Last Week. Please Don't Tell Anyone, Or I'll Have You Sent To The Principal's Office!"

#275 - The "Well It's Friday The 13th And Right Now I Am In Orlando Florida With Kate At The Nickelodeon Hotel. I Sure Hope Spongebob Doesn't Invite Danny Phantom To Our Room To Mark The Occasion!"

#276 - The "When It Comes To Writing A Great Love Song, Sometimes Words Just Ain't Enough!"

#278 - The "I'm In New York At Another Film Festival, Pretty Soon The Only Thing I'll Remember Eating is Sprockets � Hey That Sounds Like A Great Name For A Breakfast Cereal, Of Course In This Age Of Digital Cinema, The Kids'll Never Buy It!"

#330 - "In Honor of Tonights 7" Edition (All 45 rpm records all the time.) I Googled 45 Revolutions Per Minute. And Thanks To Wickipedia, I Have Some Amazing Things To Tell You Tonight Between The Songs!" Edition.

#331 - "When You Go For Dinner And A Drink At Clint's Place In The Dessert And The Piano Player Is Playing Things Like "Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys", There's No Question You Should Find Out More About Him, And I Did. His Name Is Andy Cahan!" Edition

#332 - "It's Not Strange At All That The Other Day When I Re-connected With A Friend I Hadn't Seen In 20 Years I Made That Into One Of Tonight's Connections For This Radio Show! (Hey, The Gosh Darn Ideas Have Got To Come From Somewhere!)" Edition

#379 - "Darn I Missed Out On Doing An April Fools Show, So This Show Has To Be Real, And Believe Me I've Done A Lot Of Facing Reality In The Past Few Weeks � And Now That The "Project Runway" Lawsuit Is Over, We Can All Rest Easy!" Edition

#380 - "For The First Time In 17 Years I Have To Go Legitimate, And That's Going To Take Some Really Excellent Spelling Skills." Edition

#381 - When You're Dealing With Six Decades Of Rock And Roll, Sometimes You Just GO Off The Rails. Oh Wait A Minute You're Not Dealing With It, I Am. In That Case, We Are Definitely Exchanging Palare � And I Hear The Rate is Pretty Good!" Edition

#382 - "I'm Not Sure What Story Is Funnier For My Opening Monologue, The Zipper Down Behind The Briefcase on the MUNI One, Or The Mathematics Behind How Many Times The �That's Amore' 45 Has Been Played On The Jukebox At Gaspare's One?!" Edition

#432 - "I Guess You Aren't Allowed To Do An April Fool's Joke On April 2nd, So I Want You To Take This Show Very Seriously" Edition

#433 - The "DTM's Doing It Top 40 Style Again (With A Twist!)" Edition

#434 - The "It's Good To Be Back From Florida, And Before You Ask, NO There Is No Early Bird Discount On Tonight's Radio Show!" Edition

#435 - "Once Again, I Blew The Math And Didn't Do A 7" Edition Last Week. This Time It's True, The Dog Actually Did Eat The Playlist! Well, If I Owned One He Surely Would Have!" Edition

#436 - "Tonight's Show Comes Complete With Virtual Glowsticks Instead Of The Usual Schtick, Because The Second Set Is Being Held Up By Plushgun!" Edition

#483 - The "Since This Radio Show Is Now On Multiple Radio Stations It Has To Be Timeless! So, Since I Have Two Brand New Turntables In The Menace Studios, Whaddaya Say We Have A Good �Ol Record Party!?" Edition.

#484 - The "This Show Is Guaranteed For 90 Days! If You Find Any Defects During That Time, Simply Place It In The Stamped Self Address Envelope We've Provided And You Will Get A Full Refund Of Every Single Song Except The Ones About Love, War And Anything Else That's Not Been Solved Yet?" Edition.

#485 - Tonight We're Going To Have A Classic 45 RPM Record Party! Unlike The Typical 7" Edition, Nothing's Been Planned In Advance � I'm Just Going To Head Into The Shelves With 7,000 Or So Singles And Wing It!?" Edition.

#486 - The "We Haven't Had To Mourn Anyone On This Radio Show For A Couple Of Months Edition And Tonight It Comes In Threes Even Though One Of The Lost Really Has Nine Lives" Edition.

#531 - "This Show Is About Urges! The Kind Of Urges That While Often Unfulfilled, Can Still Be Satiated By The Right Moves, Grooves And, Uh Other Things That Have Ooh In Them!"

#532 - "It's Yet Another 7" Edition, In Fact It's The 76th 7" Edition. I Guess It's A Lucky Edition Because It Has A Lot Of 7's Involved. Come To Think Of It, If The 11th Show Had Been A 7" Edition, We Could All Go And Get A Slurpy! Okay I'll Stop Now And Get To The Music!"

#533 - "Kate and I Are Off To L.A. For Her Last Weekend Of Spring Break And Are Staying In Beverly Hills Instead Of West Hollywood. So, Now You Think I'm Only Going To Play Songs About L.A., Right? Well, Guess What Granny, While The Show Is Definitely Going To Be L.A.-Flavored It's Also Going To Go Off The Rails. Speaking Of Which, TMZ Recently Reported That Ellie May Moved To Sweden Got A Sex Change And Is Now The Lead Singer Of The New Backstreet Boys! I Don't Think That's Really True and If It Is I'm Heartbroken!"

#534 - "Oh Man, We Lost A Dick (Yes That Is A Double Entendre, And The Levon Of The Band Isn't Too Far Behind. In Fact, By The Time You Hear This He Might Have Moved On To A New Life And A New Carnival"

#535 - "We Have A New Member Of Our Family. She's Black, Has Long Hair, Green Eyes And Her Name Is Velvet. And No She's Not The Next Diana Ross. She's A Cat!"

#584 - "A Full Show Tribute To The Phil Ramone."

#585 - "This Show Has It All, More Tributes To Artists Who Died, Innocent Sex On The Beach, Public Drunkenness And Pile Of Brits. Yes I Said Brits, What Did You Think I Said?"

#586 - "I've Programmed This Show Early In The Week, So If A Rock Or Pop Culture Icon Dies Between Now And Then, I Won't Tell You About It Until Next Week! Okay?"

#587 - "Tonight We Will Celebrate The Life Of Two We Lost And Report On Someone Who Obviously Got Lost Somewhere Along The Way. Hey, Wait A Minute Is This A Music Radio Show Intro Or A Teaser For Eyewitness News?"

#636 - "Freeform Vinyl!"

#637 - "Given At Least One Event Of The Past Week, I Decided It Was Time To Do A Show That Was Timely. Now I Know That Sounds Like A Bad Pun And Indeed It Is. That Said, With The Seconds Ticking, We Better Get Done With The Puns And Not Waste Another Minute!"

#638 - "Please Don't Divide The Episode # Of This Show By 7, Or You'll Discover I Didn't Do The 7" Edition Of This Radio Show Last Week As I Was Supposed To. I Was Totally Aware Of This Aberration, And Will Make It Up To You This Week Even If It Doesn't Add Up To Much!"

#639 - "If You Listen To This Show In A Drug Induced State On Your Headphones, You'll Definitely Be Joining Us For A Trip Like No Other. Have No Fear Though, As Dangerous As That Seems, You'll Only Find Yourself Signing Up For The AAA Not The AA!"

#686 - "It's Amazing How One Song Can Affect An Entire Radio Show When It Comes To Booms, La's and Sha's!!"

#687 - "It Doesn't Get Anymore Exciting Than New Sumiko Phono Cartridges In The Menace Studio � Just In Time For A 7"

#688 - "We Lost Another One Of The All-Time Great Singers, But Rather Than Cry, We're Going Pay Tribute With An Hour Full Of Soul As We Send Him Off To Heaven.

#689 - "It's A Freeform All Vinyl With Lots Of Deep Tracks Edition. Stan Freberg Would Have Liked It!"

#735 - "I Did The Math Right And When I Divided 735 by 4, I Got 7. So Through The Power Of Deductive Reasoning, I Concluded That This Is Another 7" Edition Of The Menace's Attic And That's Super Exciting Because I Have Some New Old Singles To Play For You That Are Definitely Not Old New Singles!"

#736 - "This Show Starts With A Tribute To One Of The Original Musical Hearts And Ends With Some Deep Roots. In-Between We Take A Trip From Philly To NYC, From Clandestine Motel Kisses To A Possible Proposal That We Know Will Never Stick!"

#737 - "The Loss Of The Last Of The Newmans And An Iconic Song Leads Us To A Revolutionary Show � And You Know That It's Right!"

#738 - "In Honor Of Record Store Day, I Share Some Of My Favorite Vinyl. Would You Like To See My Sofa, Or My Placemats First?"

#739 - "A Very Personal Tribute To Prince."

#786 - Once Again I Am Numerically Behind On The 7" Edition Of This Show, But Before You Gong Me, Understand That It Wasn't An Act Of Irresponsibility, As I Needed To Get One Chuck Over With To Get To This One!"

#787 - "A Mostly On The Record, Deep In The Stacks Edition Of This Radio Show That Is So Old School The Gum Under The Desks Has Been Put In A Museum And Millennials Are Buying It For Almost The Same Price They're Paying For Those 180 Gram Vinyls!"

#788 - "When It Comes To Be In A Band, What's In A Name. I Thought We'd Find Out By Seeing How Some Of These Hit You!"

#789 - "A Freeform Tribute To J. Geils That Will Definitely Not Exist As A Freezeframe."

#790 - "Since I Can't Pronounce His Name, Our Tribute Tonight Goes To The Man We'll Simply Call Agent 808!"

#840 - "I'm Too Late For Passover, Too Late For Easter, And The Jesus Christ Superstar Re-Do Too. Definitely Too Late For Dinner. That Said, If This Radio Show Doesn't Turn Out To Be A Religious Experience, My Radio Career Will Still Be Considered The Perfect Mix Of Heaven And Hell. Is That Right, Rabbi?"

#841 - "Once Again If You Do The Division, The Math Is Off, But As Long As The Singles Aren't Off Center And Sounding Sick In A Bad Way (Not Like The Millennials Would Say It) I Think This 7" Edition Will Make The Top 40 In Your Heart!"

#842 - "I Still Have The Turntables Warmed Up From Last Week's Show, So, Before They Stop Spinnin' Let's Go �Round Another Final Vinyl Edition!"

#843 - "Think Of This Radio Show As An Urban Myth. The Story Begins In A Major City, Where Everyone Has Suddenly Disappeared And Even When They're Found It's Far Stranger Than It Was Ever Before. And That's Just The Description On The Back Innersleeve!"

#892 - ”Two Tributes That Prove That It Doesn’t Matter Whether The Beat Comes From The U.K. Or Philia. Once You Got It, You’ll Never Get It Out Of Your System.“

#893 - ”I’ve Been So Organized The Last Couple Of Shows, I Thought it Was Time To Add Some Chaos To The Organization And Quite Possibly The Weirdest Segue Of The Entire Almost 900 Shows Give Or Take 7.“

#894 - ”There Would Be No Box Sets Without Rhino Record’s Gary Stewart. That’s Worth A Celebration Of His Life Alone.”

#895 - “Well, It Seems Everyone Is Stil Alive And That Means A Radio Show That Will Not Fit in To The Format Of Any Radio Station You Are Listening To – Otherwise Known As Salvation Ala Mode & A Cuppa Tea! Yup! It’s A Set-Title Word Twist Edition!"

#944 - "Three Tributes – Two Virus-Related And The Other Banjo-Related. TBH I Never Thought I’d Connect To Either Of Those Words On The Radio! So, Once I’m Done With That, I’ll Spin Some Discs With Big Holes In ‘em Featuring Songs That Have Become Null & Void Until This Is Over"

#945 - Only One Tribute On The Show This Week, But I Know I Know I Know Times Many More You’re Going To Love Hearing A Lot Of His Music And The Rest Of An Extra Soulful Show.

#946 - The Shiny Happy People NOT Holding Hands Edition!

#947 - A Show About And Tribute To A Man Who Dressed Rock ‘n Roll Stars He Idolized. High School Girls And Boys Who Wanted To Be Them. And, Your Radio Host!

#996 - “I Know This Isn’t The First Show Inspired By Current Events – Though These Times We Live In Are Unprecedented And I Figure Anything I Can Do To Affect Change With A Shot In The Arm Is Worth The Price You’ve Paid To Listen To Me!"

#997 - “A Tribute Opens The Door To Yet Another Voyage Into That Ethereal Thing We Call Rock ‘n Roll. Of Course If You’re Not Up For That, You Can Just Fantasize!"

#998 - “The Math Is Totally Wrong For A 7” Edition, But When You’re On Show 998, You’re Entitled To Misplace At Least One Number And Go Commando!"

#999 - “Well I Made It To 999 Which Means I Surpassed 666 Without Going To H-E-Double Toothpicks. One Thing That Still Confounds Me After All The Time Is I’ve Never Seen An Uppercase Toothpick!"

#1000 - Two Tributes And Then Songs That I Want To Be The Last Ones I Hear Before I Leave This Earth – Off The Records Or CD’s Please – I Don’t Want My Last Listen To Be From A Spotify Playlist!

#1047 - Well, Episode #1043 Was Supposed To Be A 7” Edition, But I Was Wrapped Up In A Tribute And So, We’re Making Up For Lost Time This Week. Hey, Wait, We Do That Every Week, Don’t We? The Proverbial We, Of Course!” Edition.

#1048 - “There Are Two New Needles, Uh, Styluses In The Turntables And That Means A Show That Has More Groovyness Than The Rest!” Edition.

#1096 - If This Radio Show Has Any Relationship To Real Life, I Hope We Live A Long Time And Stay Together At Least Long Enough For You To Hear The Closing Song.

#1097 - This One’s For Seymour.

#1098 - The New Wall Of CD Sound In The Menace Studio Is Full. Now I Have To Wait For The Ladder To Arrive From Amazon, So I Can Reach The Top Row. In The Meantime, It’s All About Reach!

#1099 - I Should Have Done This For Episode #999. Heck, I’m Only Off By 100 – That’s Not A Critical Situation, Am I Right? (Every Record Is A Hit From A Year Ending In 9!)

#1100 - I Am 100% Off On My Calculations For The 7” Edition So Rather Than Try To Make Up For It On This 100% Relevant Show, We’ll Just Turn It Up To 11-00 And See Where The 7-inchers Take Us!

#1146 - “Continuing The Record Store Theme From Last Week – I Found A Rare 45 rpm Single At Amoeba Records That I Bought Because I Didn’t Recognize The Group, But I Did Know The Songwriters. And Next Thing You Know Here We Are Again!”

#1147 - “It’s Not Time For a 7” Edition Until Next Week But Since I Seem To Have Missed The Last One, I’m Doing It Two Weeks In A Row! I Don’t Think I’ve Ever Revolved At 90 RPM’s Before So This Should Be Revolve-lutionary!”

#1148 - “This Is An Official 7” Edition. It’s Got The Good Housekeeping Seal, A Gold Record, The Kennedy Center Honor And The Pulitzer Price. Or D. None Of The Above!”

#1149 - “A Tribute To Dickie Leads Us To A Lot Of Classic Rocks – Including A 77th Birthday Wish To Iggy-neous Pop”


#279 - The "I'm Back From New York Alive And Well And Yes, The Pizza, Pretzels And Bagels Really Are Better There. That Doesn't Necessarily Mean I'm Going To Vote For Giuliani For President!

#279 - The "I'm Less Than Three Hours Away From My Birthday, You Know The One Where They Say It's The New Twenty! So, In Honor Of That, We're Going To Do Some Research Tonight" Edition

#281 - The "Once Again, I Can''t Do Math To Save My Life So Please Don't Divide 281 By 7 And Expect To Get An Even Number � Or To Get Right To The Decimal Point, This 7" Edition Was Supposed To Happen Last Week!" Edition.

#282 - The "Yeah, Yeah I Know, The Real Start Of Summer Isn't Until June 21st, And Yet Memorial Day Is The Official Day The Cover Comes Off The Barbecue And The 40 Year Anniversary Of The Summer Of Love Is This Week. So, If That Isn't Enough Summer For You, Well, You're Just Not A Good American Citizen And Will Be Immediately Deported!" Edition.

#333 - "It's Been Two Weeks Since I've Done This Show And I Sure Hope I Remember How To Push The Buttons. Huh? You Say That Even With Over 300 Shows Of Practice, I Still Don't Know Exactly What I Am Doing. Actually Now That I Think About It, I Agree!" Edition

#334 - The "It's My Birthday In Just Three Days, And I Am Wondering What Each Of My Listeners Has Gotten Me, Other Than Your Undying Dedication To This Radio Show Which Truly Would Be Enough If I Wasn't So Hard Up For REAL Love, You Know The Kind Of Love That�At This Point My Daughter Kate Would Cover Her Ears And Say BLAH BLAH BLAH!" Edition

#335 - The "I Am Really Excited Tonight Because I Can Hear Better Than I Thought I Could Thanks to H.E.A.R. In Honor Of That, I Will Be Turning Up The Volume Extra Loud Tonight! Just Kiddin'." Edition

#336 - The "If You're Me And You Must Go To Benihana, Then You I Mean I Must Go With Pat Dinizio Of The Smithereens. I'm Surprised And I Given That We'll Neither Of Us Will Ever Go Back Again, The Opening Song Time & Time Again Does Not Apply Here!" Edition

#337 - The "Tonight's Show Is Dedicated To All My Fellow Radioheads Who Actually Take A Break From Their IPods And Social Networks To Enjoy Some Sex, Drugs And Rock & Roll, Only One Of Which Is Legal According To The Federal Complications Commission. Yup, That Should Get Me A Big Fat Fine And Kill Off What's Left Of My Career Edition!" Edition

#383 - "When I Programmed This Radio Show Last Night The Weather Report Said It Would Be Raining Right Now! If By Some Chance It Isn't, Then Just Pretend That The Songs Aren't About Rain, And That As Usual, The Weathermen Are All Wet!" Edition

#384 - "As Regular Listeners To This Show Knows No One Can Pay Me To Play A Song On This Show. That Said When It Came To An Auction For My Daughter Kate's School, I'm Willing To Let One Of Her Fellow Schoolmates Play A Bunch Of Songs! Oh, And Unlike The Usual Friday Night Show, Every Song Tonight Is PG Rated meaning: Perfect For Girls!" Edition

#385 - "Well, Since I Didn't Get To Do The Show On My Birthday This Year, I'm Giving Myself A Present And Doing A 7" Edition Of The Menace's Attic That Was Due To Happen Anyway!" Edition

#386 - "I've Never Quite Understood Why Memorial Day Signifies The Beginning Of The Summer Season Since The Actual First Day Of Summer Is Almost A Month Off. That Said, Given The Year So Far, It Wouldn't Surprise Me If We Start Celebrating Labor Day Everytime Someone Has A Baby, Or Sings Be My Baby!" Edition

#387 - "This Show Features A Lot Of The Extra Tracks That Have Been Sitting In My Bag Waiting To Be Played Just In Case The Gentlemen From The Friday Night Session Are Late, And Since Their Track Record Has Been Almost Perfect, I'm Going For It And Playing These Songs Tonight. Now Let's See What That Does To My Comedy Timing!" Edition

#437 - "More Than Usual, My Movie Viewing This Week Has A Lot To Do With How This Show Turned Out. Okay, Here Goes: I Watched �This Is It' And Ironman 2!" Edition

#438 - "Tonight's Menace's Attic Is 38 Years Old Since It's Based On A Playlist From One Of My First Radio Shows Ever On April 29th, 1972!" Edition

#439 - "Well, We're Back With A "Normal" Menace's Attic. Though If I Were You I Wouldn't Take The Temperature Of This Show Without One Of Those �In The Ear' Thermometers!!!" Edition

#440 - "How Could It Already Be Memorial Day Again? Yup Those Words Are Being Uttered Throughout America. However, This Weekend In Minsk All Everyone Is Saying Is, �I Am So Excited I Could Plotz' �Cause Finally Going To Get To See The First Episode Of Lost This Fall!" Edition

#487 - The "Tonight's Radio Show Has Enough Soul To Make You Horny For Days, And I Mean That In The Most Innocent Of Ways, Sorta Kinda Not!" Edition.

#488 - The "Tonight We Celebrate Two Birthdays And Conceivably One Major Death Day. Sounds Like Another Successful Radio Show To Me!" Edition.

#489 - The "Summer's Here And The Time Is Right, Though We're Not Going To Play Martha Reeves And The Vandellas �Cause That's Just Too Darn Obvious For This Radio Show" Edition.

#536 - "It's The �Beat The Clock" Edition! All Songs Will Be Pulled From The Menace Archives Seconds After The Song Before It Begins! So, If Time Runs Out, We'll There's Going To Be A Lot Of Dead Air!" Edition

#537 - "It's A Big Birthday For Me This Weekend, And While I Will Never Tell What It Is, There Are Clues Throughout The Show" Edition

#538 - "I Wonder If Our Parents Felt The Same Way When They Lost Lawrence Welk, Dean Martin And Sinatra As We Feel When We Lose A Legend Like Donald "Duck" Dunn"

#539 - "It's A 7" Edition Record Party, With A Special Tribute To Robin Gibb"

#588 - "Depending On When You're Listening To This Show, It's Either May 4th, Cinco De Mayo or May 10th � All Of Which Have Nothing To Do With The Fact That This Is A 7" Edition Of The Menace's Attic!"

#589 - "This Show Is Being Broadcast The Day Before My Birthday, On My Birthday and Several Days After My Birthday. I'm Sure You're Thinking With All That Broadcasting To Do, How Is Dennis Going To Find Time To Celebrate. Well, That's A Whole Another Story That Will Be Told Starting Right Now! �It All Started When My Girlfriend Asked If People Still Get Vaccines For The Mumps!'"

#590 - "Get Ready For A Radio Show That Is Completely Unlike The Last 589 Ones. Except For The Fact That I'm Playing Four Sets Of Songs That Connect In Some Way With Introductions That Also Sometimes Make Sense. Hey Wait, There Really Isn't Much Difference Between This Show And The Rest Is There? Oh Well, Let's Pretend There Is Since I've Got A Whole Bunch Of Radio Stations Thinking I'm Giving Them Something New For The Next 60 Minutes. Please Don't Tell Them Otherwise!"

#591 - "This Show Is For Ray and Trevor Who Showed Us The Keys To Bottomless Doors That Opened So The Spiders From Mars Could Land On Our Planet And Psych Us Out Like No One Ever Will Again!"

#640 - "A Soul Man Gone, A Boy That's Back Because There's Bread In It For Him And Other Tales That We Hope You Deem Worthy Of An Hour Spent Here."

#641 - "Talk About A Busy Show! We Have My Birthday, Mother's Day, Spring (Yes I Know We're Late On That One!) And Multiple Other Things Including My Birthday! Oh Did I Mention That One Already?"

#642 - "This Show Is About Marching To The Beat Of Your Own Drummer Even At The Risk Of Getting En-Snared In A Love Affair So Insane That Even The Crunchiest Of Humans Can't Get You Out Of It! Yup, It's Just Another Typical Menace's Attic, If There Is Such A Thing As Typical?"

#643 - "In Honor Of The Long Holiday Weekend Here In America That Tends To Represent The Coming Of Summer, We Also Pay Attention To Our Friends On The Other Side Of The World To Make Sure These Songs Have Nothing To Do With Any Of That! If Mary Will Let Me That Is!"

#690 - "Given It's Just Been Tax Day Here In America, I Am Being Very Careful About Trying To Stick To All Six Decades As Promised Since I Don't Want To Be Audited For Not Supplying The Right Numbers!"

#691 - "We've Lost One Of The Kings Men, A King Of Soul And A Family Member Who Acted Like She Sang, But Never Did As Far As I Can Tell! "

#692 - "As Far As I Know, You Can't Have Sex After Your Dead, So In Honor Of Errol, Let's Have Some Hot Chocolate And An Equally Hot Show To Go With It!"

#693 - "I've Got The Blues For Both B.B. But I'm Really Happy For Don, And So We Celebrate Both On The Radio Show This Week!!"

#740 - "It Doesn't Matter Whether You Were Cheated On, Got Divorced, Are A Widow/Widower Or Never Got Into A Relationship At All. This Show Has Something Just For You!"

#741 - "For The First Time In Weeks Everyone Is Alive, So Let's Celebrate With An All-Record (Or For You Hipsters) Vinyl Edition!"

#742 - "It's Another 7" Edition And That Means I'll Be Spinning The Platters That Matter. The Vinyl That's Final! Setting World Records For Records You've Never Heard Together Before And Probably Never Will Again (That Is The Other Tagline For This Radio Show I Need To Bring Back, That Is If I Don't Have To Pay The Announcer For All The Years We've Missed!"

#743 - "We Lost An Actor Who Became Famous For Talking To A Horse. Which Admittedly Is Better Than Becoming Famous For Being A Horses Ass. Not Literally, It's Just An Expression. Now Enough Horsing Around Let's Saddle Up And Get On With The Show!"

#791 - "I Just Finished Watching The Get Down And So Now I Want To Share Some Of It With You Via Some New York/Bronx-Based Sounds!"

#792 - "Once Again We're A Week Late With The 7" Edition, But If You Don't Tell Anyone, I Won't Either!"

#793 - "From The Moment You're Born, It's A One Way Street There's No Going Back Except When You Reminisce. And Fact Is At My Age I'm Just Happy I Can Spell That Word, Or Remember Enough To Do It!"

#794 - "It's A Super Duper Bonus Freeform 7" Edition �Cause I Don't Have The Time To Program A Real Show! Not That This Is A Fake Show, It's Very Real, Though It's Not On Tape! "

#844 - "It All Started With "Isle Of Dogs" And Then For No Discernible Reason Got Caught On One Three Letter Word! That Will Make The Show Worth She-zaming!"

#846 - "This Show Has A Distinct New York Influence Since I Just Returned From There, Though There's A Lot Of UK In The Mix And Even Some Zen Vibes. I Have A Feeling That Using Vibe As Your Mantra Won't Really Transcend Beyond A Couple Of Mantras Though!"

#847 - "I Figure If You Can Go Through Life Doing Anything That Turns You On 121 Times, You've Done The Right Thing! So, Here We Go Again With The 121st 7" Edition Of This Radio Thing!"

#896 - “One Would Think After This Many Shows, I’d Run Out Of Weird Deep Covers, Hits You’ve Forgotten And Of Course Some You Wish You Did. Of Course One Is The Loneliest Number, And So Since There’s No Two In This Week’s Episode Number, I Think We Should Stop Thinking And Start Attic-ing!"

#897 - “I’m One Episode Late For The 7” Edition Due To The Amazing Discovery That 7 Doesn’t Always Divide Into 7 As 6-iy As That Would Be If It Did!’

#898 - “It Started With A Conversation About Guitar Solos, Moved On To Deep Purple, Joe South And Finally A Request For A Song That Encapsulates Why This Show Will Be Emitting From L.A. This Coming Autumn. Yup Just Another Day At The Orifice!"

#899 - “It Would Be Very Responsible To Say That I’ve Been Spending Time Thinking About The Future Of The World, But Fact Is, I’m Letting The Musicians On The Show Do It For Me!”

#948 - The Ebb and Flow Of Life These Days Is Even More Precarious. All The More Reason To Trust The Science!

#949 - Yet Another Tribute, And Then, It’s All About Relationships That Are Complicated, Sincere, And In Most Cases Rarely Work On This Planet Or Any Others For That Matter!

#950 - I’m Not Sure If 4 Tributes Is Some Sort Of Record For The Show. I Do Know I’d Rather Play Records Than Break Them – That’s For Sure.

#951 - “We Say Goodbye To A Latin Brother, A Man Who Made A Bad Case, A Wise Guy And An East Village NYC Institution That Was The Cream Of The City!"

#952 - “Tales Of Dancing In Nightclubs, Mix Tapes, Ex’s, Favorite Films, And Train Trips To Canada!”

#1001 - “After Every Party There’s Always A Lot To Clean Up! And Of Course You End Up Eating The Leftovers For Days To Come! Well, The Party Has Just Begun, And I Still Have A Few Favors I Haven’t Used Yet. So, Let’s Hit It!”

#1002 - “I’ve Got Two Tributes Punk – And If That’s Not Enough To Keep You A Warm, I Suggest One Of Those Thermostats You Can Control From Your IPhone!”

#1003 - “I’m Traveling For The First Time In A Year And A Half, Driving To The Bay Area Where I Lived For 30 Years! I Was On A Semi-Secret Mission I’ll Tell You About When The Resulting Recording Is Released.”

#1004 - Dylan & Halston & Dylan & Gary And Other Things That Fall Apart – Not That Bob Has!

#1050 - “I’m Back From Liverpool, Sheffield, Manchester and London And Of Course I Brought A Lot Of New/Old Records And Stories Back Through Customs – Some Of Which I Admit I Didn’t Declare For Fear Of My Imports Being Exported!” Edition.

#1051 - “I’ve Got A Big Birthday Coming Up And I’m Troubled By It. Some People Deal With It By Finding Religion. Others Become Even More Obsessed With Life And Death. And Me? I Do A Radio Show About It That Will Be Heard Long After I’m Gone!”

#1052 - “I Was In The UK During The Time There Would Have Been a 7” Edition, So I’ll Be Sure To Play A Couple Of Singles I Found There. Brilliant. Am I Right?!”

#1053 - “This Show Is 96.5% M’s. – Though There’s Also An Anniversary C And An L That’s Love!”

#1101 - We Lost A Great Troubadour And As You Would Imagine, I Have A Great Story Or Two About Him And Then, As Usual, We’ll Go Down The Rabbit Hole That Always Leads To Some Carrots. Or Is It Carats Of Gems Previously Unearthed Until Now?

#1102 - Not Really A Request From A High School Friend, A Few Record Shop Finds, And Songs I Haven’t Played Since Like Episode 50-ish!

#1104 - The Best College Bookstore And A Smart Move To Open A Record Store In An Adjacent Town!

#1150 - “A Moody And Blue Program Wouldn’t Really Be Right Given How Mellotronic Our Tribute Is!”

#1151 - “A Tribute To The Man Who Was Instrumental When It Came To Twang. And The Players At A Festival That Celebrates Cruelty In The New Wave (Mostly) World!”

#1152 - “There Are Only Two Types Of Sax Players In My Book And David Was One Of A Kind!”

#1155 - “A Tribute To Someone Who Will Be Playing One Of The Longest Sets In Heaven – And That’s Just One Song. Plus Music That’s Not Meant To Be Played On The Radio Together More Than Ever.”


#283 - The If This Show Doesn't Make You Believe That There Is Still Things On The Radio Worth Listening To, I'll Give You Your Money Back, With The Highest Interest Rates In The City!" Edition.

#284 - The "When I Tell People About This Show And They Say, Oh Heck I Can Do That I Say, Okay, Be At The Studio At 9:00 Next Friday Night Music In Hand, And Every Week, A Cold Pizza Shows Up Instead!" Edition.

#285 - The "Wow What A Week It's Been, I Learned Folks In Real Life Actually Listen To This Radio Show!" Edition.

The Menace�s Attic Episode #286 - The "I'm Not Sure Why So Many Of The Songs On Tonight's Show Are About Stupidity, Insanity And Loss. Come To Think Of It, I Was Wondering Why I Had Two Black Eyes And My Head Was Still Vibrating This Morning!" Edition.

#287 - The "I Can't Believe Another Seven Weeks Has Gone By And It's Time For Another 7" Edition Of The Menace's Attic! What, You Say: "It Is Only Six Weeks Because I Was A Week Late The Last Time?" Well Now I Need To Know What Are The Implications Of This Factor On The Space Time Continuum?! What's That You Say, "Shut Up And Just Play The Music Like Your Supposed To?" Edition.

#338 - Some 25,000 SONGS Later, I Am A Big Club Sandwich Fan" Edition

#339 - "The One Where I Tell You The Ultra Spooky Story Of Four Fathers At A Father/Daughter Camping Trip Who Decide To Leave The Comfort Of The Car And Head For A Car With A Highly Decked-Out Audio System With All The Music On A Hard Drive To Listen To Doom Music � And They Never Come Back! Just Kidding, This Is Just An Excuse To Program This Entire Radio Show From ITunes!" Edition

#340 - For the first time in almost 7 years, The Menace's Attic was a rerun this week since DTM was out of town. No matter how fast he moved last week, time caught up with him. This week it will be a new show or your money back.

#340 - For the first time in almost 7 years, The Menace's Attic was a rerun this week since DTM was out of town. No matter how fast he moved last week, time caught up with him. This week it will be a new show or your money back.

#341 - "I'm Not Going To Tell You Any Long Winded Tales From My Trip To Florida Edition Except For The Fact That My Daughter Kate Now Knows A Word Way Beyond The Typical Comprehension Of A Almost 7-Year-Old: TURBULENCE! Oh And By The Way This Is The First Ever 12" Dance Single Edition � Why Did It Take Me Six And A Half Years To Think Of That?" Edition

#388 - "Tonight We Feature Roaring Drunks, Incredible Sex, And An Incredible Amount Of Musicology That Under The Influence Of Dennis The Menace Will Serve As Rehab No Matter What Kind Of Week Or Weakness You've Had Or Have!" Edition

#390 - "Marshall Crenshaw Enters The Attic, Which Would Otherwise Considered Brave Except For The Fact That He's In Control Of All The Music On Tonight's Show" Edition (Also in-studio legendary Bass player Sebastian Steinberg from Marshall's band!)

#391 - "It's Another Fathers' Day, And I Find Myself Deeply Contemplating The Meaning Of Life, Love And Song, And Where The Universe Is Going And Whether It Will Be On Time And If The Price Of A Pass For It All Is Going Up?!" Edition

#392 - "I Know It's Weird, But I Wonder If He Was Listening That Terrible New Top 40 Radio Station In L.A. When It Happened Edition!" Edition

#441 - "Whaddaya Know, I Actually Remembered To Do A 7" Edition Of This Radio Show On Time. Now What Year Is This Again, Sonny?" Edition

#442 - "No Matter How You Slice It, Sleeping In A Tent Doesn't Represent The Great Outdoors To Dennis The Menace. Unless It's The Tent Of A Venture Capitalist Who Brings $200 Bottles Of Wine!" Edition

#443 - "If I Ever Did Decide To Go Into The Boxing Business, My Line As I Stepped Into The Ring Would Definitely Be, I'm A Writer Not A Fighter!" Edition

#444 - "I Checked Various Numerology Sites To See What The Number 444 Meant And I Discovered That What Ever It Is Four, Uh, Four, Is For The Birds!" (Tonight, Every Set Has A Very Un-Hip Song From The 70's In It!) Edition

#490 - The "For The First Time In 21 weeks I'm finally doing 7 Inch Edition Of This Radio Show On Time. Well, Not Exactly On Time Since At Least Three 7-Inch Editions Have Been Late. Wait, That Doesn't Mean This One Is Off Kilter Does It. And What Does Off Kilter Mean Anyway? Oh Well, To Help Divert You From This Complicated Issue, I'll Tell The Story Of Why The Hole In 45 RPM Records Is Bigger Than Others. I Haven't Told That One In A Long Time!"

#491 - The "People Keep Asking Me, What Is Different About This Show Than The Zillions Of Others On The Radio, And My Answer Always Is, Do You Really Think The Pancakes At IHOP Are As Good As You Remember Them? Edition"

#492 - The "Given My Financial Situation This Week, I Should Be Charging You A Bundle To Listen To This Radio Show, But Given Our Demographic I Suppose The Next Thing You‛re Going To Want Is A Groupon Or You'll Start Listening To Pandora! And That Would Break My Heart Even More Than Being Broke! Edition"

#493 - The "Tonight's Show Is The Kind Of Like Rock and Roll Dominos, When You Knock One Song Over The Rest Will Naturally Follow. Or is It More Like Scrabble? Or Spin The Bottle? Well, There Is A Song About Kissing In Set #4! Either Way I'm Game For Just About Anything Tonight!" Edition"

#540 - "If You Think The British Invasion Actually Ended In The 60's This Set Might Not Be Your Cuppa Tea!" (Everything Thing On The Show Is Imported From The U.K.)

#541 - "I'm Highly Doubtful That Those Snakes Eating A Human On YouTube Videos Are True, But Just In Case Snakes Are Taking Over The World, I Figure I Better Pay Tribute To Be Safe."

#542 - "Right Now I Am In Toronto At The NXNE Music and Film Festival And Since I Can't Be In Two Countries At One Time This Show Has A Major Canadian Influence. Well, Actually It Always Did Since My Mom Was From Montreal � Which Makes Me Canuck � And Guilty By Association. Wow, That's Perfect Since This Show Is About Musical Themes! "

#543 - "I Got Some Mighty Cool New Technology For The Menace Studio This Week And I Am Going To Use It To Program This Entire Show On The Fly With 65,000 Songs At My Fingertips! Yes, I Know We Don't Have Enough Time For 65,000 Songs, So I'll Just Have To Be Picky With My Picks!"

#544 - "O.K. Since The Days Are Already Getting Shorter, I Better Do My Summer Themed Show Before The Sun Goes Down And I Can't See My Set Titles!"

#592 - "Can You Believe It's June Already? I Better Start Getting This Radio Show Ready For Summer Before It's Too Late!"

#593 - "It's A Top 40 Record Party � More Music Less Talk!"

#595 - "This Week Took A Surprising Turn When We Lost James Gandolfini And So Tonight We Pay Our Respect!"

#596 - "It's Time For Another 7" Edition And A Bit Of Explanation Of What This Thing Is About. But Before That, A Song For Dick Whitman!"

#644 - "Yup. I Was Listening To Old 77 WABC Airchecks from the 60's Again And That Means It's Time For Another 7" Top 40 Record Party"

#645 - "On This Show We Are Going To Be Naming Names. Well, Just A Couple Of Chosen Ones."

#646 - "Everything I Play On This Show Has Something In Common. It's Very Obvious And Yet It Might Take You Awhile To Get It Unless You Get A Serious Sense Of Something Solid About It! And Yes, That Was Your Sole Clue!"

#647 - "Each Song Tonight Is A Distant Cousin Of The Song Before It. Who The Mommy and Daddy Are We'll Never Know Kids!"

#694 - "Holy Moly, It's Time For Another 7" Edition Of The Menace's Attic. That Means The Molys, I Mean The Holys Are Larger Than Usual This Week!"

#695 - "It's Foggy Here In San Francisco Which Means It's Summer. What's The Weather Like Where You Are Listening? I Know What You Are Saying Right Now. Did He Take One Of Those Dale Carnegie Courses Where They Teach You That The Weather Is A Great Conversation Starter? Well, Even If I Did, This Is A Radio Show And Everyone Knows That The Only Conversation I Can Have With You Here Is Dangling! (Yes, I Will Use Any Excuse Possible To Play A Song By Simon & Garfunkel!)

#696 - "In Our Modern World We Get So Much Communication And Yet I Suspect People Are Listening Less Than Ever Before. Hey, Can You Hang On? I Think I'm Getting An Important Text, And My Cell Is Ringing. The Fax Machine Is Gone, So That Won't Be A Factor However!"

#744 - "It's Not Summer For A Few More Weeks, So I Can't Quite Do That Show Yet. So, I've Got Spring, Some New And Old Monkees, And Technically Since We're On In New Zealand, Fall And Winter To Deal With. So I'm Going To Season The Moment And Ride The Wave!"

#745 - " �The Greatest' Has Died, I Saw The Greatest Songwriter Very Much Alive And Where It Goes From There We've Got A True Knockout Of A Show No Rock'em Sock'em Robots Involved!"

#746 - "I Dressed To The Nines For This Show, Because Every Song Is From A Year That Was At The Cusp Of A Decade!"

#747 - "That Old Time Fire May Be Gone, But There Are Still Embers Of Hope That Even If We Can't Save The Relationship, We Can Save The Radio Show!"

#795 - "As A Special Welcome To Our New Friends Listening On KBUU in Malibu, We Present Your First And Certainly Not Your Last Final Vinyl Edition!"

#796 - "It All Began With A Request From Tom Of Bombshell Radio For A Set Of Songs From 1973. I Went For The Paul Simon Track And A Couple Of Songs That Attached. From There On In, I Left The Year Entirely And Where It Went From There, We're All About To Find Out Together!"

#797 - "Way Before There Was That Internet Thingy, Pop Culture Was Found In Music, Comic Books And Of Course Television. This Radio Show Is A Tribute To One Of Our Most Admired TV Heroes We Lost Last Week. The Hit Show He Starred In Didn't Have A Laugh Track, But It Totally Ka-Powed Us Wednesday and Thursday Nights On ABC!"

#798 - "It's Time For Another 7" Edition. That Means All 45 rpm Singles On The Two Turntables In The Menace Studio! Special For This Show Only, We'll Also Be Cooking Some Wieners On Turntable #2 When There's Not A Record On There, So Order Now!"

#848 - "Way Back In My College Radio Days, I Did A Summer Songs Show In Nothing But My Bathing Suit. I Have A Picture From Back Then And Cassettes Of The Show Too. All That Said, I Am Fully Clothed For This Beach Music Show. You're Welcome!"

#849 - "This Show Has It All, Love, Fuzz, Panic, And Way To Much Talk Even Though It's Not Between The Songs!"

#850 - "I Hardly Ever Get Political On This Show, But When The Guy Messes With Canada, We Have To Take Action, Since We Do Cross The Border Every Week! I Mean, What's Next? New Zealand?"

#900 - “The Radio Station That’s Broadcasting This Show From Malibu, CA Is Getting A Solar Transmitter! That Said, I Believe The Transmitter In New Zealand Runs On Porcetta, The One In Colorado Runs On IPA, The One In Concord Runs On Grapes And Of Course The One In Toronto Runs On Poutine! I Don’t Have Many Songs About Most Of That, So We’ll Just Head For Old Sol And See Where We Go From There!”

#901 - “A Psychedelic Goodbye To Roky That Is Never A Downer Because Once Again, I Have To Use The Elevator Because The Escalator Still Remains Under What Seems To Be A Repair That Started With Leif Erickson!”

#902 - “A Tribute To The Dr., A Couple Of More To Send Gary To Rock And Roll Heaven, A Couple For My Dad Who’s Been There For 20 Years, And The Rest A Hodge Podge Because It’s Hotter Than H-E-Double Toothpicks In The Studio Right Now!”

#903 - “For Once The Math Is Right! When I Divided 903 By 7 I Got A Whole Number And That Means It’s A 7” Edition!"

#953 - “I’ve Hosted This Show Through Many What Could Get Worse” Situations – This One Might Be The Icing On The Cake And Please Don’t Ask Me What Kind Of Icing – I’m Not Going There.”

#954 - “It’s A Three Tribute Show To A Legendary Producer, A Sister We All Loved And A Player In One Of The Sweet-est Band Ever!”

#955 - “We Have A Break In The Action (Mostly) And So I Can Turn Back In Time And Toss In A 7” Edition OF The Show Made With A Lot Of Soul!”

#956 - “Lord Only Knows Navigating Social Media Is Complicated In The Best Of Times. In Days Like These Your Only Goal Should Be To Hide Anything You Don’t Want To See And Resist, I Repeat Resist Posting! Howzat My Friends?"

#1005 - “It’s Rare An Artist Is Worthy Of A Tribute That Carries Much Of The Show. In This Case, If You’re A Doubting Thomas, You Might Want To Take The Love Boat Outta Here!"

#1006 - After Last Week’s Middle Of The Road Fest, It’s Time For The Polar Opposite Though I’m Not Sure If We’re Going North Or South. There Ain’t No West Or East Pole I Reckin’!

#1007 - I Figure Any Show That Ends In 7 Is A Lucky One, Though I Believe You Need Three 7’s To Cash In. Given That I’m Not A Betting Man And Have Never Been Much On Las Vegas, I’ll Just Take Credit For Whatver I Can Get.

#1008 - I’ve Been Waiting Since The 1000th Episode To Have Another 7” Record Party!

#1053 - “This Is A Real Mutt Of A Show And That’s The Way We Like It – I Mean Pure Bred Music Isn’t As Wonderful As The Dark Rye!”

#1054 - “That Time I Discovered My First Scientologist Who Sang What I Think Is A Manipulative Song. And Other Stories That Lead You To Question Everything Once Again!”

#1056 - “A Soft Rock Tribute, An Insane Long Version, Howard, Joe, And A Whole Lot More More More!”

#1057 - ..Divided By 7 =151. And That Means This Is The 151st 7” Edition Of The Show. Hey, I’d Like To Make It To That Age And Still Have 7” – Records! Old Joke. Sorry! (This Show Is Dedicated To Joel Whitburn.)

#1105 - A Tribute To Tina, Some Inspiration From Jon Michel And The Rest Is Left To Chance – Whoever They Are!

#1106 - And The Cynthia Weil Hits Just Keep On Comin’!

#1107 - Fred Armisen’s Playlist Live At Run Out Groove Records

#1108 - Well, 1106 Was Supposed To Be a 7” Edition, But We Had A Tribute, And Last Week Was The Special Fred Armisen Episode. So, Here We Are At 1108, And It’s High Time We Speed Things Up 45X!

#1109 - Depending On When You’re Listening In America, I Might Be A Couple Of Days Early For July 4th. If You’re Listening From Canada Or New Zealand, Just Pop Some Popcorn For The Same Effect.

#1156 - “If You Think The World Could Be A Maga-nificent Place, You Might Want To Turn Off Your Radio, Stream Whatever For The Next Hour, Because You’ll Find Yourself Needing A Felon-Os-Copy!”

#1157 - “It All Started With One Of My Two Favorite Morrissey Songs And My Learning A New Word. What Happened From There Is Worth Talking About!”

#1158 - “Once Again There Is No Definitive Plan For This Show. And Either Means Disaster Or Genius. I Can’t Wait To Find Out How It Turns Out, Can You?!”

#1159 - “It’s Not For Nothing That This Radio Show Has Got It All. And, That’s Everything, Right?”


The Menace�s Attic Episode #288 - The "Who's Brilliant Idea Was It To Put July 4th In The Middle Of The Week? How Am I Supposed To Get Out Of Jury Duty That Way?" Edition.

#289 - The "So Why Exactly Is Friday The 13th Such A Big Deal. I Mean, You Could Have Bad Luck On Tuesday The 13th, Couldn't You? Let's Test The Theory Tonight And See How We End Up � And If We Are Still Alive Mwhaa Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha (Insert Evil Laugh Here Preferably Not From Vincent Price On �Thriller'") Edition.

#290 - The "It's Amazing How A Twenty Three Person Band Can Bring Out The Ultra Liberal In Me And Still Make Me Feel Better Than Any Non-Prescription Drug Can!" Edition.

#291 - The "Once A Rock Star, Always A Rock Star." Edition.

#342 - The "Last Year Some Very Nice Listeners Showed Up At The Studio With A Private Fireworks Display Just For Me, So I Didn't Miss Out On Anything. While I Greatly Appreciate The Sentiment, I Have Finally Finished Paying Back The Station For That Stray Sparkler That Found It's Way Into The Transmitter!" Edition.

#343 - The "If You Tried To Update Your IPhone Software Like I Did This Morning, You'll Understand Why I Am Only Repeating One Song Over And Over Tonight (Just kidding, I'll Leave That To The Artists)" Edition.

#344 - The "Is Wall-E The Greatest Film Of The Year? Probably Not, But I Sure Do Have A Crush On E-Vah!" Edition.

#345 - The "If You're Kid Starts Coughing Don't Send Them To Camp. That Way My Daughter Doesn't Get The Dreaded Camp Virus! It's The Joy Of Summer I Tell �Ya!" Edition.

#393 - "Being That July 4th Isn't For Another Four Hours, Is It Illegal For Me To Light My Sparklers In The Studio? And Know That Was Not Intended To Have Any Sexual Connotation Whatsoever Although The Rest Of The Show Most Certainly Is!" Edition

#394 - "Tonight We Have Sir Charles Of Concord In The Studio And Even Though He's Royalty, He's too Shy To Come To The Microphone So He'll Let The Turntables Do The Talking Edition!" Edition

#395 - "This Week We Lost A Great Newsman and A Formerly Great Radio Station. The Good News Is That The Station I Am On Now Has Nothing Formal About It!" Edition

#396 - "Tonight's Show Is Proof That The World's Greatest TV Shows Stand The Test Of Time, I Mean Like The Jetsons Have Everything But Facebook and Twitter!" Edition

#397 - "If The Lovin' Spoonful Lived In San Francisco, The Song Would Have Had The Lyrics �Cold Town, Winter In The Summer In The City'!" (Oh and Yay, No Major Rock Musician Died This Week, So That Means It's Truly A Freeform Friday!" Edition

#445 - "This Show Is Kind Of Like A Sparkler � A Little Celebration For July 4th, Lots Of Sizzle, And Just Enough Noise To Keep You Happy Without Blowing Your Ears Off!" Edition

#446 - "Once Again It's Another Enormously Successful Radio Show! How Do I Know? I Just Asked The Goddesses And The Monsters!" Edition

#447 - "Finally, No One Major In Rock And Roll Died This Week, So I Am Free To Make This Radio Show All About Me! Me! Me! (Like It's Not Already!)" Edition

#448 - "Won't You Be My Night Connection, I'll Give You True Highway Affection!" Now That's The Kind Of Lyrics That Make We Want To Do A Hot Summer Radio Show Despite The Fog!" Edition

#449 - "I'm Not Going To Tell You What Episode This Is So You Won't Do The Math And Find Out I'm One Show Late For The 7" Edition Again!" Edition

#494 - The "I Can't Believe It's Another 4th Of July Weekend, And The Bootleg Firecrackers I Bought Only Seem To Work On A PC Instead Of A Mac!" Edition"

#495 - The "I Have So Many Books To Catch Up On, So I Figured To Soothe My Guilt I'd Make Tonight's Radio Show As Literary As Possible!" Edition

#496 - The "When Folks Ask Me How Things Are Going, I Say �More Ups And Downs Than A Roller Coaster. Fact Is, I Don't Much Like Roller Coasters, So You'll Just Have To Join Me On One Of Those Teacup Rides!" Edition

#497 - The "Yay! I Did The Math And Fact Is 497 Divided By 7 Is 71. And Since The Number 7 Is Lucky, We Better Set The Two Turntables In The Menace Studios On 45 RPM (Which Is Also Divisible By 7) And Get This 7" Edition In Gear!" Edition

#498 - The "Are We Almost IN August Already? Where Is The Summer Going? Will We Someday Only Have Summer Do To Global Warming? Will That Mean I'll Continue To Ask Endless Questions That Really Have Nothing To Do With Tonight's Radio Show Which Is Really About Heroes And Victims?" Edition.

#545 - "Just Because July 4th Fell On A Wednesday This Week Doesn't Mean I'm Not Going To Celebrate It � And Kate's Birthday On This Radio Show!"

#546 - "Right Now Kate and I Are On A Plane To France. But There's A 7" Edition Of This Radio Show To Do, So As Much As I Can't Wait To Get There, I'm Going To Ask The Captain To Land The Plane And Entertain The Passengers With Lots Of Great 45's First!"

#547 - "It All Started With A Gary Puckett Tune And Then Things Went OverBoard When Paul, Judy, Gary And Simon Found Their Way Into The Mix!"

#548 - "I'm Back From Paris And I'm Truly Excited About Eating Pizza, Cheeseburgers And Real French Toast!"

#597 - "This Show Started Out With David Chase's Eulogy For James Gandolfini And Turned Into A True Religious Experience From That Cue. If You Are Into Things That Are Politically Correct, You Might Want To Skip This Show. Oh Right, If You Are P.C., Then You Gave Up On Me A Long Time Ago!"

#598 - "I've Given A Lot Of Thought To What This Show Will Be About. In Theory, That Means I Should Have It All Together By Now. Fact Is, It's Another Test Of My Wits. That's Right A Freeform Edition Where I Pull The Music And Write The Set Titles Minutes Before They Happen!"

#599 - "I'm In NYC Again This Week So Guess What Most Of The Songs Are Going To Be About? That's Right Boise!"

#600 - "Holy Toledo! This Is The 600th Time I've Done This Show. Well, Not Exactly The Same Show. Just The Same Idea For The Show. Well, That's Not Right Either As The Set Themes Are Entirely Different. Oh Nevermind, Let's Get To The Other News!"

#648 - "An Overdue Tribute, And A Few New York Stories From My Recent Trip That I'll Bet You Could Only Happen There!"

#649 - "This Show Can Be Summed Up In One Word, That Means Absolutely Nothing In English. If You Think You Can Guess It, The Answer Is Yes You Probably Can � If You Speak Russian!"

#650 - "Now That All Of The Ramones Are In Rock And Roll Heaven, I Have Only One Thing To Say, God, Get Your Earplugs Ready!"

#651 - "It's Time For Another 7" 45 RPM Record Party Live In The Menace Studio!"

#697 - "In Honor Of Chris Squire, There Will Be No No's Tonight, Only Yes's!"

#698 - "We Have Another Loss This Week A Hollywood Mogul From NYC Who Started Out In The Music Business And Never Forgot Where He Came From!"

#699 - "Because This Show Airs In So Many Places, It's Impossible To Give A Weather Report! So, For The Sake Of Simplicity, It's Sunny Today With A Slight Chance Of It Getting Dark Tonight And Some Sherbet And Marmalade On The Coast!"

#700 - "It's Our 700th Show! It's A The Music Is Never Stopping For The Next Hour 7" Edition And I Got The Math Right This Time Around! How Lucky Is That?"

#748 - "This Might Be The Funkiest Menace's Attic I've Ever Done, I Just Wish We Were Woo-ing For An Entirely Different Reason!"

#749 - "It's A Super Summer Singles Party So, Sip Your Favorite Soda Pop, And Join Us!"

#750 - "The Issues As The Relate To A. Our World, B. Our Love Lives C. Our Obsession With Great Songwriting And D. All Of The Above. No Algorithms Will Be Employed On The Grading Of This Show!"

#751 - "After 751 Episodes Of This Thing, We Are Most Certainly Not Losing Our Edge, Though We Do Have To Pay A Tribute To Suicide!"

#752 - "A Tribute To A Filmmaker Who Brought Us A Lot Of Happy Days, And Proved That You Can Be A Nice Guy In The Business Of Show. Oh, And The Menace Guy Too! "

#800 - "When We Say, �Goodbye' To A Lead Singer Who Ran Out Of Steam In More Ways Than One, We Also Say Many More Goodbyes And Of Course Some �Hellos' To Balance Out The Conversation!"

#801 - "Who Knew That Some 47 Years Later, A Track I Originally Heard On My Parent's Sears Console Stereo Would Have A Movie Named After It And An Entire Radio Show Around It? Certainly Not Art Or Paul!"

#802 - "It's A Final Vinyl Edition, All Long Playing Records On The Two Turntables Spinning At Precisely 33 and 1/3. While The Speed May Be Slow, The Music Is Mostly Uptempo � Except For A Slow Dance Or Two To Give You A Bit Of Time To Catch Your Breath!"

#803 - "It's Our Days Of The Week Edition! Now All I Have To Do Is Remember What Day This Is!"

#851 - "A Top 40 Celebration Of The Greatest Top 40 Disc Jockey Ever: Dan Ingram!" (Playlist does not reflect jingles!)

#852 - "I'll Be Traveling 16 Days In The Next Month Or So, And That Means I'll Have A Lot Of Catching Up To Do Here In The Menace's Studio. So, Let's Get Rolling!"

#856 - "I Blame This Late 7" Edition On The Fact That I Was In L.A. And There Was A Lot Of Traffic On The 405, The I-5 And The 7! Okay There Is No 7, But Since This Is A 7" Edition, I Figured I Could Invent A Freeway!"

#857 - "This Show Contains Three Of The Key Ingredients That Have Led To Our Long Term Success: An Excuse For Summer Songs. A Well-Loved Set Of Moves. And A Pithy Take On The Inside Of The Music Industry."

#904 - “Two Tributes Followed By Some Of The Usual Fireworks Followed By A Couple Worthy Of “Oohs & Ahs!” Oh, And For Those Listening In Canada And New Zealand, Just Pretend You’re A Yank!"

#906 - “This Show Has Been On The Radio For 17 Years, And No Matter How You Slice It, Playing Summer Songs On The Radio Never Gets Old. Unless Of Course You Are Listening In New Zealand And You’re Thinking, “This Guy Needs Some Help With His Seasoning!”

#907 - “When You Go Deep Inside The Grooves You Never Know What You’ll Turn Up. So, As We Get Into This Final Vinyl Freeform Edition Make Sure You Empty Your Pockets Of All Metal Objects And Have Your I.D. At The Ready!"

#909 - “I’ve Been Late So Many Times With The 7” Edition, I Thought Why Not Do It Ahead Of The Time And See If I Get Any Sort Of Rebate Or At Least A Discount!”

#957 - “A Tribute To A Man With Iconic Guitar Licks That Defied Genre…And Another Who introduced Us to Mrs. Robinson That Both Lead To The Rest Of The Show."

#958 - “Two More Tributes This Week, One Requiring A Cowboy Hat With A Side Of Spaghetti And The Other To A One Hit Wonder Who Hit It Three Times!"

#959 - “If You Think Doing 959 Of These Is As Easy As ABC You Might Want To Get Some Tutoring! Lucky For You, I Have 60 Minutes Available Right Now!” (This show was 100% mixed live on Technics 1200’s and the music didn’t stop!)

#960 - “A Tribute To A Man Who Rode The Merry Go Round And Never Found The Brass Ring!”

#1009 - The Theme Of This Show Is There Is Really No Theme Though I’m Sure I’ve Done This Theme Before, So Maybe The Theme Is Repetition. I’m Sure By The End Of The Show It Will All Work Out!

#1010 - It’s A Freeform Top 40 7” Edition. I Have Pulled Almost No Music In Advance – So That Means I Have 3:00 – 4:00 Minutes At Most To Figure Out The Next Song! Wish Me Luck!

#1011 - It’s Time To Dig Deep Into The Songwriters And Stop Monkee-ing Around – Because Without Them There Wouldn’t Be Any!

#1012 - It’s Hard To Verbalize How I Came Up With The Overarching Theme For This Radio Show Though When I Had It, I Said, “Bullseye!”

#1013 - Any Radio Show With A 13 In The Episode Number Requires Some Sort Of Luck. Dumb Or Otherwise!

#1058 - “I’ve Done Many A Radio Show Over Two Decades About The State Of Our World. Just When You Think It Can’t Get Any Crazier, Even The Bath Water Is Unbelieveable.”

#1059 - “I Had A Perfect Record And Then Bang, Boom, Cough (Not Mine By The Way) And The Thing Finally Got Me!”

#1060 - “Between Last Week And This Week I Got A Negative Test And Then Completely Rebounded! In Any Other World That Would Be A Good Thing, But In A World Where There’s The Paxlovid Miracle Drug, Even Fauci Won’t Vouch-y! Not Sorry!”

#1061 - “I’m Recovered And Ready To Rock! To Celebrate This Is A Real Mutt Of A Show!”

#1110 - A Tribute To Windle, A Set From The Bear, And Let’s Listen Live To My Latest Loot from Amoeba Hollywood!

#1111 - Well, We Made It To Show Eleven Eleven – So The Music And The Slurpees Are On The House. After All, It’s A Summer Themed Show In Celebration Of The L.A. Heatwave!

#1112 - Gudbuy T’Jane And Some Selections From My Recent Forays Into Vinylland!!

#1113 - The One About Seeing Apocalypse Now In 70mm, The Rock & Roll Ralphs, The Beverly Hills Cops Can’t Get It Out Of My Head Effect, And The Song That Must Be The Official Massachusetts National Anthem!

#1161 - “When I Hit The CD Wall, It’s Actually Not A Blocker, It Gets The Show Spinning At 500 RPM At the Inside Of The Disc and 200 RPM On The Outside Edge.”


#292 - The "Here In San Francisco We Don't Have The Dog Days Of Summer, So Tonight I Present The Fog Days Of Summer Edition. Unless Of Course You Are Listening In The East Bay, Or On The Internet In Say Texas, In Which Case, You Can Have Your Dog Days With Mustard And Kraut, But Please Skip The Chili If You're Coming Within Fifty Feet Of Me." Edition.

#293 - The "It All Started With A Chat About Rock and Roll Around The Campfire At A Father Daughter Camping Trip, And Horror Of Horrors, It Turned Into�A Daddy Playdate At The Radio Station!" Edition.

#294 - The "Get Ready For Some Stax Of Wax Of The 7" Kind Prior To My Spinning More Of The Same At The Beauty Bar, Let's See If You Can Beat Me There!" Edition.

#295 - The "I Want To Hang Out With Some Punk Girls This Weekend, Or If That Doesn't Work, At Least Meet Someone With A Temporary Tattoo!" Edition.

The Menace�s Attic Episode #297 - The "I'm Off To The Mountains For Labor Day, It's SO MUCH work to watch five movies a day!" Edition.

#345 - The "Given That KUSF Has Been Off The Air And I Didn't Do The Programming Until Just A Couple Of Hours Before For This 7" Edition I'll Be Doing Asbestos I Can!" Edition.

#346 - The "I Think They Should Come Up With A New Weather Thing Just For San Francisco, Where If A Ferret Doesn't See His Shadow We're In For Two More Months Of Fog!" Edition.

#347 - The "If I Could Go Back In Time, I Surely Would Have Won Marianne Over Before Mick Got Her! My Songwriting Ability Alone Would Have Done The Trick!" Edition.

#349 - The "Everytime I Have A Cup Of Tea, I Think To Myself, When Will The British Stop Invading?!" Edition.

#398 - "To Paraphrase A Dion Song, They Entertained A Lot Of People, But It Seems The Good They Die Young." (Dedicated to Billy Lee Riley, John Hughes and Willy Deville R.I.P)!" Edition

#399 - "Well, I Must Confess I Owe You TWO 7" Editions Since The Last One Slipped Right By Me Due To My Inability To Divide By Eight, Uh Seven. See What I Mean?" Edition

#400 - "Holy Moly This Show's Been On The Radio So Long, It's Better Than A Perfect Bowling Score! " Edition

#401 - "I Really Wanted To Do This Show In Person, Of Course Ellie Would Have Wanted To Change The Lyrics Anyway! In Honor of Her We Are Doing A Top 40-Style Radio Show With Only One Non-Musical Break." Edition

#450 - "Tonight's Show Is Yet Another Example Of Why I Have No Need To Learn Hypnotism, Or Even How To Spell It Right. The Music Will Take You Where I Need You To Go. And While You're There, Would You Get Me A Pastrami On Rye Please!?" Edition

#451 - "Well, My Sunday Show Is Pre-Empted This Week Due To Outside Lands, So I Better Make The Best Of This One! Of Course How Am I Supposed To Do That When It's Friday The Thirteenth? I Know! I'll Just Power Pop My Way Through It!" Edition

#452 - "Tonight's Show Is Dedicated To The Folks Who Clean Up After Our Meals At Restaurants And A Restaurant Chain That Gives The Men What They Want � And That's Just 10% Of The Songs!" Edition

#453 - "Let's See I Can't Do The Arms Are Tired From Flying Back From L.A., And There's Another Great Pun About The City Of Angels In One Of The Later Sets. So, I Guess That Means That The Theme For Tonight's Show Will Just Have To Be Your Responsibility!" Edition

#499 - The "Holy Moly We Are Almost Batting 500 Edition. Hey Wait I'm Not Really Into Sport Analogies So How About We Walked 500 Miles To Get Here And Now The Show Number Is Matching The Mileage. Oh Never Mind, I Have Another Week To Figure It All Out, So Let's Get On With #499 Edition!" Edition.

#500 - The "To Celebrate Our 500th Show, We're Having A Good �Ol Record Party. No Official Sets, Just Wall-To-Wall Music Picked At Random From The Menace Studio Archives!" Edition.

#501 - The "I'd Rather Pay $30 For Just About Any Band T-Shirt Than $70 For A Replica Of John Fogerty's Flannel Shirt Any Day Of The Week! And Yes There Is A Story Behind That Statement!" Edition.

#502 - The "We Lost Two Legendary Songwriters This Time Around And I Guess The Only Positive Spin I Can Put On It Is That They Are Already Doing Some Amazing Co-Writing On The Top Floor Of Whatever Building In Heaven Is The Equivalent Of The Brill!" Edition.

#549 - "Even After 549 Shows, There's Still Room For Some Firsts! In This Case, It's A Show Made Up Entirely Of First Tracks From Iconic Albums!"

#550 - "This Week's Show Pays Tribute To A Jimmy And A Marvin And While We're At It See If We're Still Jones'in For Rock And Roll At 550 And 55!"

#551 - Once Again This Week, We Lost A Pop Culture Icon � Not A Musician, But A Student. Which Of Course Means Kids That For The Next 60 Minutes This Show Will Be Highly Educational And The Only Homework Involved Is Using Your Ears � Both Of Them Please So You'll Hear Both The Vocals And The Instrumental!

#552 - "Tonight We Pay Tribute To The Man Who Asked Us To Put Flowers In Our Hair And Another Who Send Me An Amazing Box Of Memories" (For Alan Misek)

#601 - "This Show Is Inspired By The Creatures Of The Night. It Started With Our Tribute To J.J. Cale And As To Where It Goes From There, I Know It Will Have You Enlightened Before The Crack Of Dawn."

#602 - "It's Time For Another 7" Edition Of This Show With A Little Twist � And No, I Will Not Be Playing Any Chubby Checker!"

#603 - "Well, This Week We Lost Another Charlatan, And A Legendary Lounge Singer. As For The Rest Of The Show, We've Got A Lot Of Treats From Pez To Oates And Some Other Great Things You Kids In America And Far Beyond Will Love!"

#604 - "A Blue Moon And Some Research With Mojo Got Us Started And Where It Went From There Nobody Knows And Probably Never Will!"

#605 - "Is Labor Day Really The End Of The Summer? Does The Circus Coming To Town Signal That? What If There Are New Songs That Feel Like Summer Songs That Become Hits In The Fall? The Answer To These And Other Questions May Not Occur During This Radio Show, So We Might Leave That To Others!"

#652 - "We Are Going To Pay Tribute To A Late Drummer, Try To Settle The Whole Smith And Jones Thing, Avoid As Many White Lies As Possible And Try To Decide Where To Vacation Question!"

#653 - "It's Not At All Surprising We Are Going Retro For This Show, After All That's What It's All About, Right?!"

#654 - The "Robin Williams" Edition

#655 - "Hey You, Want To Listen To A Radio Show That Is Based Pretty Much Around Making Hey Out Of Very Little Else? Well, Good, Because I've Got To Get This One On The Air Before Things Go Hey Wire!"

#656 - "Two Earth Shaking Things: A 6.1 Quake In Napa And An Equally Surprising Shake-Up In The South Bay From The Older Youngs."

#701 - "For The First Time In Years, We Add A Guest With Some Rhythm, Some Soul But Not A Lot Of Blues To The Menace Mix!"

#702 - "There's An Old Theory That When You Are Putting The Tracks Together For An Album, You Should Put The Hits As Numbers 1, 3 and 5! We're About To Hear How That Theory Applies To Only One And That Is Three. Track Three, That Is. But First, Two Tributes!"

#703 - "A Rare Album I Found Among Hundreds Of Thousands In A Weird North Beach Basement, A Couple Of Songs To Make Australia Content Though They Are Very Dark And Some Of The Usual Randomness Put Together In Service To The Concept Of This Radio Show And Its Host That Always Wants To Be On The Dream Theme, Uh Team!"

#704 - "Every Once In Awhile I Like Go Set Myself Free From The Rigors Of Four Distinct Sets Of Six Decades Of Rock And Roll By Theme And Go Freeform, Almost Entirely Analog, And Without A Plan For Where It Will All Go! By The Way, Does Anyone Have A Handbasket I Can Borrow For The Next Hour Or So?"

#705 - "While A Lot Of The Records I Play On This Radio Show Might Be Dinosaurs, And The Host May Be On His Way � Just Remember � Someday That Overpriced Condo You Live In Will Be Treated The Same Way And You'll Be On Your Own Like All The Artists On This Show!"

#753 - "Our Publicist Has Put Out Word That This Radio Show Is Going To Be �Absolutely Fabulous!' I Hope We Live Up To It And Get On The Front Cover! "

#755 - "There Are So Many Puns And Word Twists In The Set Titles Of This Radio Show That I Don't Want To Rain On Your Parade!"

#756 - "We Interrupt Everyday Life For A Tribute That Can't Wait Until The Person Involved Is Gone. Gord Wouldn't Want It To Be Tragic, But It Surely Must Be Hip!"

#804 - "Due To An Artist Walking Out The Door (Well, Retiring) We're Having A Fire Sale And You're Invited To Get In On The Savings!"

#805 - "As I Get Older My Math Skills Appear To Be Getting Better And That's Why We Are Right On Time For The 7" Edition Of This Radio Show!"

#806 - "This Show Is The Result Of My Reading Books About The British Invasion On The Plane, And Other Music Snob/Geek Like Tendencies. Oh Wait, That's Every Show I've Done, So, Let's Get On With It. Or Is It Let's Get It On With It?"

#807 - "It All Started At The Lorde Concert When Jack Guest Starred And Totally Jelled When Matthew Was In Concert Last Friday Night. I Knew I Had A Relatively Solid Concept And Now We'll Put It To The Test!"

#858 - "I Just Finished A College Tour With Kate Who Was Six Months Old When I First Aired This Show! While The Obvious Thing To Say Is "Where Have The Years Gone?" I'm More About: "Fantastic I've Got An Easy Theme For Tonight's Edition!"

#859 - “This Week We Are Celebrating The Queen Of Soul Because I Can Think Of Many Occasions Her Music Saved Us!”

#911 - “Once Upon A Time In A Radio Studio, The DJ Took Us On A Journey Like The Good Old Days. I Think He Even Picked The Music!”

#912 - “In Honor Of Peter, We’re Going To Get Our Motor Running And Head Out Down The Thematic Highway. Needless To Say It’s Freeform So We Can Be Ready For Whatever Comes Our Way!”

#961 - “A Tribute To The Man Who Got The Blues And Left A Band Before They Became Huge. That Progresses Into A Top 40 Radio Show Featuring Singles That Are Late Again!”

#962 - “In Honor Of Bent Fabric, I Will Be Your Very Own Wedding D.J. Tonight. If You Don’t Save Me A Plate And A Slice Of Cake, I Will Show Up At Your Hotel On Your Wedding Night And Play Celebration By Kool And The Gang Non-Stop!”

#963 - “Two Tributes This Time Around, And Mostly Music From The UK, Because I’m Longing For A Good Scone!”

#964 - “Here In The U.S. The Democratic Convention is On The Tele, So What Better Time To Hammer Home Some Of My Not So Hidden Musical Agendas?!”

#965 - “Call It Bubblegum, Call It Power Pop, Call it Whatever You Want If It Makes You Happy!”

#1014 - This Show Is A Hodge Podge Of Music That Was Either Lying Around The Studio, Suggested By A Social Media Post Or Found At A Couple Of L.A. Record Shops This Week. In Other Words, Just Another Menace’s Attic That I Hope Doesn’t Result In A Lawsuit From The Other Radio Show!

#1015 - If I Did The Math Right, This Is The 145th 7” Edition Of This Radio Show. Based On That If I Played An Average Of 14 Singles Per Show That’s 2,175 Records That Have Hit The Two Turntables In The Studio. If Those Numbers Don’t Cause Some Revolutions In The Next Minutes, I’m Not Sure What Will.

#1016 - “You’re 1016, You’re Beautiful And I Have Absolutely No Idea Where You’re Coming From!”

#1017 - “We Lost The Second Everly, So This Is My Showing Of Brotherly Love!”

#1062 - “You Don’t Tune Into This Radio Show For Movie Reviews, But You’re Getting One About “Bullet Train” – So Don’t Shoot Me!” There Are Also A Lot Of Train Songs For Obvious Reasons!”

#1063 - “We Lost An Iconic Singer Who You Might Not Have Thought About Recently, But The Second You Hear Her Songs, You Will Realize Why Nothing Could Stand In Her Way!”

#1064 - “This Week Our Tribute Is To A Member Of A Motown Factory Who Helped Put It All Together – And That Brought Him And His Fellow Workers To #1 Time And Time Again!”

#1065 - “This 7” Edition Is One Week Late Due To Last Week’s Lamont Dozier Motown Tribute. I Guess You Already Know Because You Heard It Through The – Instagram Feed!?? And…New Monitors!”

#1114 - Tributes To Sinead And Randy And Other Songs That Test Limits!

#1115 - The Crush That Spun Heads, And Other Things That Got Me A Hall Pass In High School – Including Missing A 7” Edition By Two Episodes!

#1116 - Three Men, Three Tributes: Robbie, David, Rodriguez.

#1117 - We’re Gathering As Many Tracks As We Can In An Hour For Jerry Moss – Though We Could Easily Play Through The Rest Of The Year!


#298 - The "Our Back To School Sale Is In Full Swing, Be Sure To Check This Sunday's Pull Out Section For Savings On Power Pop, Punk, Britpop and Disco In All Of The New Fall Colors And Special Considerations For Big And Tall Men and Plus Size Ladies!" Edition.

#299 - "If You've Heard At Least One D.J. Bitch This Week About The CD Player Situation In Our Palatial Studio A, You'll Understand Why Every Song Except One On Tonight's Show Is Being Played From Vinyl � And That One Song That Isn't Is Being Played From Naugahyde!" Edition.

#300 - "Tonight's 7" Edition Is Dedicated To The Superheroes Of The World Whether They Be Impressionists, Ants, Or Just Totally Insane!" Edition.

#350 - The "Why Does Summer Arrive In San Francisco In September? It's Not Like We Live In A Different Country. Or Do We?" Edition.

#351 - The "The Mix Tape Is Not Dead, It's Just Done These Days Over Email!" (Beware At First Listen None Of The Set Titles Make Any Sense.) Edition.

#352 - The "Let's Pretend The Economy Is Just Fine And That The Only Currency We Need To Live Is Rock And Roll!" Edition.

#353 - The "This Show Is Hot Off The Presses, So Please Don't Touch Your Plate After I Put It On The Table." Edition

#402 - "It's Good To Be Back Live and Alive After A Lot Of Time Traveling. Speaking of Time Traveling, Kate And I Started Watching Back To The Future, And Tonight's Guest Set-Maker Is Proof That While Time Doesn't Stand Still, You Can Relive Some Of The Best Year's Of Your Life Some Thirty Years Later " Edition

#403 - "My Daughter Kate Was Two Months Old On 9/11/01 And What's Really Scary Is That Eight Years Later She Knows What Happened, What A Terrorist Is And One Of Her Favorite T.V. Shows Is "Destroy Build Destroy!" Gosh, At That Age, I Was More Concerned Whether Elmer Fudd Would Shoot The Silly Wabbit!" Edition

#404 - "Given Everything That Is Going On In My World I'd Just Like To Escape For An Hour. I Have This Radio Show To Do However, So Whether You Like It Or Not, I'm Taking You With Me!" Edition (R.I.P. Larry Gelbart, Patrick Swayze, Henry Gibson, Jim Carroll)

#405 - "Tonight's Show Is All About Hits And Misses, You Know, The Mutts Of The Music World All Mixed In With The Pure Breds. The Acronyms With The Synonyms. The White Label With The Big Brand Names. The Never Ending Battle For Truth, Justice And The Milky Way. Thank You Norm Crosby For That Last Line!" Edition

#454 - "As I Think You Know This Radio Show Is A Labor Of Love, And So In Honor Of Labor Day, I'd Like To Share The Love With You. That Is Assuming You Pass All The Right Musicological Tests!" Edition

#455 - "This Week's Show Is Dedicated To The Rock And Roll Survivors And One That Unfortunately Bailed On Us Way Too Soon." Edition

#456 - "Well, It's Yom Kippur And I Should Be Fasting, But Fact Is I Can't Do This Radio Show On An Empty Stomach! You're Not Buying That Are You, After All I've Done It For Years On An Empty Brain!"

#457 - "On Tonight's Show We're Namin' Names, So If You Are Guilty As Charged, Even The Energizer Bunny Won't Be Able To Post Bail. Hey Isn't That The #1 Cereal At The County Jail?"

#503 - The "I Went Into Amoeba Records To Buy A New Copy Of The Four Tops Greatest Hits And Left With Six Other CD's and Three Albums! Who Needs Vegas, I Can Blow My Money In Much Less Time In A Record Shop! Luckily I DID Have Enough Money In Trade!" Edition.

#504 - The "After A Decade Of Folks Saying Do You Really Play All Six Decades Of Rock and Roll By Theme On Every Show I Decided It Was Time To Let The Music Do The Talking, Uh Singing To Answer That Question!" Edition.

#505 - The "This Show's For My Mom Who I'm On A Plane To Florida To See Not Very Long After I Do This Show And I Don't Want To Wait Too Long To Dedicate A Show To Her. Oh, And Just To Make Sure This Show Is Not A Downer, Please Be Aware There Will Be NO Intruders In The Mix Tonight!‟ Edition.

#506 - The "It's The 7" Edition Again, And The Fact Is I Spent A Lot More Time In The 70's Section Than The Other Five Decades. If This Show Was About Wine, I'd Just Say There Will Be More Glasses From One Vintage Than Another. But Since It's Not About Wine, You'll Just Have To Let Your Ears Drink in Whatever I Serve Up, And Be Hopeful That The Sets Make Some Thematic Sense To Make Up For The Fact That This Intro Title Is So Anti-thematic � If That Is Even A Word With Or Without Hyphens � Which I Doubt It Is!" Edition.

#553 - "Finally, I Did The Math Right And 553 Divided By 7 Actually Works! That Means This Is The 79th 7" Edition Of The Menace's Attic. Wow I Actually Was Able To Say 79th 7" Edition! I Better Quit Before I Turn 80!"

#554 - "Kate and I Are Back From New York And While I Can't Really Put An Entire Week's Vacation Into One Radio Show, I Can Certainly Give You A Ride On The "A-Side" Train!"

#555 - "Tonight's Show Started With A Song That Inspired Me To Use One Of My New "Song Map" Poster As The Theme For This Radio Show. I Think You'll See That Taking This Route Will Get Us Where We Need To Go!"

#556 - "I Figured It Was Time For A Top 40 Record Party With A Twist. Nothing Is Planned In Advance, So Hopefully I Won't Miss Any Cues! Oh, And As Far As I Know Chubby Checker Isn't Showing Up!"

#557 - "On This Week's Show There's A Hint Of Romance In The Air. I'm Getting A Warm Feeling Just Thinking About It. Or Perhaps It's Just The Radiant Heat In The Studio. (Hey, At Least I Didn't Go For The Global Warming Joke!)"

#606 - "This Show Was Created Around A Couple Of Boxes, Some Pre-Bedtime Chatter, A 60's Group That Came Back To Life And Shows No Signs Of Stopping, An Original Rock And Roller Who's Finally Retiring And At Least One Who Might Never Decide To!"

#607 - "It's An All Album Edition, And When I Say Album I Mean Long Player, And When I Say Long Player I Mean 12" And When I Say That It's Time To Stop Talking And Get To The Show At Hand!"

#608 - "We're Heading For The Lower East Side With Love, Crunching On The Apple With Determination, Checking Our Instrumentation With Care And Dancing Until We Meet The Rock!"

#609 - "Where Did 7 Weeks Go? I Have No Idea, But I Do Know It's Time To Wind Up The Turntables In The Menace Studio For Another 7" Edition, That Tells Quite The Short Story. 60 Minutes To Be Exact!"

#657 - "Tonight We Celebrate Two Music Icons We've Lost. One You've Heard And The Other You've Likely Never Heard Of Until Now. Then We'll Head To The U.K. For A Little Musicological Tour Of One City And Its Plumbing!"

#658 - "In The Old Days Some Radio Stations Had Four Turntables In The Studio. Hip Hop Didn't Exist Back Then � Just At The Hop!"

#659 - "Two Tributes Tonight To A Man Who Brought Us All Four Seasons And Another Who Recorded Some Of The Very First Rock And Roll In New Orleans!"

#660 - "We Are About To Take The Road Less Traveled, And Since All I Have Is A Stack Of Songs, I'll Be Paving The Way For Where We Go From Here Without Much More Of A Road Map Than That!"

#706 - "I've Been So Busy Recently Sometimes I've Had No Idea What Day It Was! I Decided To Solve That On This Radio Show By Not Having To Commit To One At All!"

#707 - "The Wild Hot American Summer Is Over, But Tonight Is All About Being Single And 45. That's Right It's Another 7" Edition Because I Was A Good Camper And Got The Math Right!"

#708 - "This Show Has Everything You Would Expect From A Guy Who Hangs Out In An Attic, Including The Most Important Thing Of All: Those Cardboard Boxes You Can Never Fold Flat Again After You Open Them The First Time!"

#709 - "There's No Debate! This Show Is A Winner By A Landslide And No Amount Of Lobbying, Funding Or Debate Is Going To Change My Vote On That! What, You Have A Pair Of Front Row Tickets To The Hockey Game? Well, Then I Guess I Have To Put My Whole Campaign On Ice For Now. I Know You Were Waiting For The Puck Pun But I Decided That Would Get Me Thrown Out Of The Party!"

#757 - "The Number 757 Doesn't Divide By 7, But 756 Does. So, Let's Go Back In Time By One Week And Do The Show That Never Happened!"

#758 - "Oh Baby, Do I Have A Radio Show For You Part 1!"

#759 - "Oh Baby, Do I Have A Radio Show For You Part 2!"

#760 - A REPLAY SHOW: "Two Tributes Tonight To A Man Who Brought Us All Four Seasons And Another Who Recorded Some Of The Very First Rock And Roll In New Orleans!"

#808 - "If There's No Truth To Global Warming And We're Fakin' It, Then I Suppose Texas Is Really A Figment Of Our Imagination, In Which Case I've Actually Been To A Figment Many Times Without Knowing It!"

#809 - "We Lost One Icon And Another That I'm Going To Shed Some Light On To Take You There."

#810 - "Even Though I'm Only One Episode Into "The Deuce" I Suspect I'll Be Hooked Because It Takes Place In The Times I Spent In Times Square � Just Passing Through, Of Course!"

#811 - "It's Yet Another Final Vinyl Edition! Now Don't Get Me Started On Calling Records Vinyl Instead Of Records. Fact Is, If I Was Really Naming This Show Properly, It Would Be Called: "For The Record." But That Sounds Like We Are In A Court Of Law, Where I'll Betcha Many Of The Seats The Jury Sits In Are Made Of, What Else? Vinyl!"

#812 - "I Did The Math And This Is The 116th" 7" Edition. That Means That If Each Record I've Played Spun For An Average Of Three Minutes At 45 Revolutions Per Minute I Have Absolutely No Idea How To Calculate The Total Number Of Spuns, I Mean, Spins"

#860 - “I Hear The Mexican Telephones Are Even More Complicated Than The American Ones, So I Thought I’d Dial In A Special Show About Communicating In This Modern World!”

#862 - “This Show Really Has Nothing Much To Do With Bob Neumann Except The First Song, But I’ll Use Any Excuse To Jump Off A Cliff!”

#861 - “I’m Not Much Of A Numbers Guy, But I Can Do Enough Division To Figure Out That This Is The 123rd 7” Edition Of This Radio Show, And Unlike Those Satellite Guys, This Is The Real Deal!”

#863 - “Some Favorites, Some Remasters, Some Implication And The Sum Of All Those Parts!”

#864 - “Sometimes All It Takes Is A Song To Get Things Started, And The Show Goes Animal From There!”

#913 - “This Is The First Menace’s Attic Produced In The New Menace L.A. Studio! What Took You So Long To Get Here Dude?”

#915 - “I Don’t Know About You, But I’m All About Beginnings And Endings. I’ve Never Been Much Of A Middle Of The Road Kinda Guy!”

#916 - “I Wasn’t Planning On Two Tributes, But I Know That The Artists Involved Would Simply Suggest That We Gas Up The Car And Get Our Money’s Worth!”

#917 - “It’s Our Six Decades Russian Roulette Edition! Put Your Bets Down And We’ll Spin The Musical Wheel!”

#966 - “Well Sir I Believe A 7” Edition Of The Menace’s Attic Will Be Arriving On Track 24B In 15 Minutes And If You Miss It I Feel Sorry For You!”

#967 - “We’d Like To Congratulate The Boaters In That Trump Parade On The Fine Sailsmanship – I Really Wanted To Use Another Letter At The End Of Sailsmanship, But I’m Afraid I Get A Whole Lot Of It If I Did!"

#968 - “How Kool Would Gang If I Did A Show With Almost No Plan And That Was The Theme Of The Show? What? You Say I’ve Done That Before? I Wasn’t Planning On That Response!"

#969 - “A Tribute To Roy And From There I Promise To Treat You Right, At Least When It Comes To The Music!” Edition.

#1018 - “A Few For Charlie And A Freeform 7” Edition You Can’t Beat”

#1019 - “Summer Is Over Almost Everywhere This Radio Thing Is Broadcast. As For New Zealand, We’ll Get To The Fall Songs In Due Time!”

#1020 - “This Show Goes Way Off The Beaten Path. Have No Fear, I’ve Called Security And Your Ears (If Not Your Mind) Will Be Safe!”

#1021 - “Songs So Deep That Some Of Them Break Records Including The Language Barrier, The Wall Of Sound, And The Song Sampled Most By Primal Scream!”

#1066 - “A Tribute To A Man With A Beat And Songwriting Chops Too. A Dennis The Menace Concert Update. And Lots Of Other Stuff TBD From There!”

#1067 - “A Long Holiday Weekends In The States. A Record-Setting Heatwave. Are There Stranger Things Afoot? Or Is It Just Another Upside Down Day?”

#1068 - “This Show Has Funk, Flash, Duran To The Second Power, Canyons, Whales, Babies And So Much More! Oh And Of Course A Tribute To The Queen. “

#1069 - Whether We Are Friends Or Lovers All That Matters is That It Last – Or The Break-Up Doesn’t Cost Me Money Ever Again. Oh, Sorry, That Was Actually A Note To My Ex!

#1070 - Once Again, I’m Here To Report That State Of Affairs From My Unique Vantage Point Above It All, In IMAX No Less!

#1118 - One Sax Is Okay, Two Saxes Maybe But Sorry Mr. Koz, Three At Once Is Just A Deviation!

#1119 - Tributes To Gary, Jimmy & Steve

#1120 - I’m Living Dangerously With Lots Of Oldies In The Mix And Only A Bit Of A Plan On What To Do With Them!

#1121 - It’s Not That I’m Really Angry, It’s More Like I Just Feel The Need To Let It All Hang Out, Man! (AKA A Highly Unplanned Freeform Edition!)

#1122 - “Once Again The Math Doesn’t Work, And I’m Two Episodes Late. After All These Years, I Figure Who’s Going To Ding Me. And Yes, The Word Figure Was Both A Joke And Of Speech” Edition!


#303 - "Once Again, This Is Not A Live Show. It's Not A Dead Show Either. It's Also Not A Taped Show, Since This Is The Digital Age. That Said, I Am Not Digital I Am Human! Are You Getting Any Of This, Or Shall I Hire Someone To Design A Web 2.0 Social Networking Site To Help Us Be Even More Confused?" Edition.

The Menace�s Attic Episode #305 - "Well, It's Not Quite Halloween, And Yet I Feel An Obligation To Make The Songs On This Show Fit The Bill. As Does Roky Erickson, Who I Will Be Presenting On All Hallows Eve And Halloween Night Itself And I Have More Tickets For You Tonight. Nothing Scary About That Is There?")

#353 - The "Yes, Once Again I Am At The Mill Valley Film Festival. Thanks To My Superior Multi-tasking Skills I'm Here At Exactly The Same Time!"

#354 - The "With Out The Wrecking Crew A High Percentage Of Rock Would Never Have Rolled, And It Would Take At Least Six Months Worth Of Episodes Of This Radio Show To Really Dig What I Am Talking About!" Edition

#355 - "When A Soul Singer Goes To Heaven, I Wonder If They Get Great Seats For The Concert There?" Edition

#356 - Yes, I've Done Shows About New York That Are Broadcast While I'm In New York. This One However Is The Quintessential New York Show. So, Schmear Yourself A Mediocre San Francisco Bagel, Good Luck Finding Some Good Lox And If You Don't Like What You Hear, Well You Can Go To�

#357 - The "While It's Almost Impossible To Do An Original Halloween Radio Show, This Time I Had The Help Of Thirty Years Worth Of D.J.'s!"

#406 - "A Tribute To The Late, Great Rhino Records, Even Though They Are Still Alive, So To Speak."

#407 - "This Show Has Only Been Around For My First Eight Years With The Mill Valley Film Festival And That Means Eight Times I've Tried To Apply Some Sort Of Narrative To The Show � Kind Of A Chubby Checker Plot-Twist!"

# 408 - The Menace's Attic Episode #408 October 16th, 2009 "Will Dennis The Menace Ever Come To The Station Live Again? Will Wheat Ever Shred? Will Brussels Ever Sprout? God, Now This Is Starting To Sound Like A Bad High School Yearbook. Oh That's What This Radio Show Actually Is, I Forgot! BTW: Due To Technical Issues, The 7" Edition Will Be One Week Late" Edition

#409 - The Menace's Attic Episode #409 October 23rd, 2009 "Tonight's Show Is A Free-Form 7" Edition!"

#410 The Menace�s Attic Episode - "It's The Eve Before All Hallow's Eve, And I Have Only One Ghoulish Request For Tonight: Please Don't Dress As A Banker Or You'll Depress Everyone More Than They Already Are. Edition!"

#458 - "What An Insane Week: At The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame, The Nominations Are In. In Golden Gate Park, Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Serves Up Amazing Musical Vittles. And At YEAR This Coming Monday Night, One Year Of Rock And Roll Will Be Celebrated, Authentic Cocktails Served And You Don't Have To Be Nominated To Attend. (One Radio Show: Three Great Reasons To Rock, On The Rocks!)"

#460 - "I'm At the Mill Valley Film Festival As Their Creative Director, So Once Again I'm Playing Music From Soundtracks Of Films That Are Most Certainly Not Playing At That Festival."

#461 - "A Special Show Celebrating The 40 Year Anniversary Of Legendary Power Pop Band The Rubinoos (Who I Am Presenting At The Great American Music Hall Tomorrow Night!)"

#462 - "It's Time For Nineth Year Menace's Attic Halloween Show! How Can You Lose With Six Decades Of Punky Zombies, Power Pop Ghouls, Cher (Who Defies Genre), Rockin' Werewolves And The Obligatory Oingo Boingo Tune?"

#507 - The "How Can It Be October Already? I Mean We Just Finished September And Everyone Knows That April June And November Come After September In That How Many Days Of The Month Thing We've Been Taught To Memorize!" Edition.

#508 - The "To Say This Show Is Groovy Would Be The Understatement Of The Year. �Cause When I Say We're Going To Get Our Groove On In A Six Decades Kind Of Way For Sixty Minutes Until The Needle On The Record Hits The End Groove, I Mean It's Going To Happen Without A Single Skip!" Edition.

#509 - The "By George, This Show Is One That Evan Might Like Even Though His Renaissance Days Are Through And He's Down To Just 10cc's Of Original Blood With The Rest In A Living Colour That Causes Tears For Fears In The Most Common Of Red Birds!" Edition.

#510 - The "I'm Not Sure What's Creepier. That I've Been Celebrating Halloween For Five Decades. Or The Fact That I Haven't Planned This Show In Advance!" Edition.

#511 - The "After A Few Shows That Had An Overall Theme, We Go Back To Our Original Idea. Hey Wait, What Exactly Was That Idea Again. Oh Yeah, The Idea Was To Remember What The Idea Was! " Edition.

#558 - The "I Started Out With Nothing More Than A Simple Document And Next Thing You Know The Entire Show Wrote Itself!" Edition

#559 - The "This Week Kate And I Attended The 35th Anniversary Screening Of �Star Wars: A New Hope!' And I Have To Say That C-3PO Has Aged A Heck Of A Lot Better Than Carrie Fisher" Edition

#560 - The "It's Yet Another Show Where I Spin These Seemingly Archaic 7" Vinyl Discs That Often Have Extra Clicks And Pops Beyond The Intended Sound Despite Owning Very Expensive Record Cleaners And Providing A Hypoallergenic Environment For Each And Every One Of These Black Beauties. Hey Wait, Given That There's A Presidential Election Coming Up, I Have To Interrupt This Rhapsodic Dedication To Music And Get Right To The Point Here: The Only "Spin" On This Show Will Be On The Turntables!" Edition

#561 - The "If You Think The Price Of Gas Is High, It's Nothing Compared To The Price Of A Pumpkin In Mill Valley, California!" Edition

#610 - "Well, We're A Few Weeks Away From Halloween, A Couple Of Months Away From Christmas And This Radio Show Has Nothing To Do With Either Of Those Holidays, Not To Mention Thanksgiving! i.e.: As I Wrote This Intro I Realized There Is No Central Theme, So The Central Theme Is Randomness!"

#612 - "I Don't Believe In Lucky Numbers! However, This Is The 612th Edition Of This Show That Is Being Broadcast On October 12th And There Are Precisely 12 Songs In The Sets! So, Maybe I Should Count My Lucky Stars. Hmmm. I Wonder If There Are 12 Of Those?"

#611 - "Well, The List Of Inductees To Vote On For The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Is Out And The Controversy Has Begun. We're Here Tonight To Help You Decide With No Political Agenda Whatsoever. We Won't Tell You Whether To Vote Yes Or Make You Kiss A Baby." Okay We Better Get Right To It, Or We'll Miss The Chance To Chic Hands With Each And Every One Of You!"

#613 - "This Is The First Of Two One Hit Wonders Shows. Notice I Didn't Say It Was The Second Of One Two Hit Wonders Shows, Because Then We'd Be Entirely Confused. Hey Wait, Now I Don't Know If This Is The First Of The Two Shows, Or The Second? Well, I Guess We'll Just Have To Wonder About That And It Will Hit Us Someday When We Least Expect It!"

#661 - "I Read Today That Urban Outfitters Claims To Sell More Vinyl Than Any Other Store. Well, Here's One Thing I Know: They Aren't Selling Most Of The Vinyl You'll Hear On This Radio Tonight!"

#662 - "We Pay Tribute To A Man Who Was Named After A Man Who Had A Wild Ride. From There The Show Goes To The Animals And I'm Not Just Talking Dogs Here!"

#663 - "Let's Pretend I Invited You Over For Dinner And We Started Digging Into My Record Collection And Just Picked A Bunch Of Stuff We Wanted To Hear. Hey Wait, Isn't That What This Show Has Been About For 12 Years And You're Just Getting To That? Oh Hey You're Right It's Taken You That Long To Invite Me To Dinner? What Kind Of Friend Are You Anyway?!"

#664 - "This Show Starts With A Ladies Choice And Where It Goes From There Will Truly Be A Mission Worthy Of Coverage By The Times, The Post, The Observer And If We Are Really Lucky Song Hits!"

#710 - "Sometimes There's A Master Plan And Sometimes There's Total Chaos. This Show Is A Whole New Concept I've Decided To Call "Planned Chaos." I've Picked Out A Buncha Songs, But I Have No Idea What The Themes Will Actually Turn Out To Be, Or Whether I'll Go Bananas Before It All Unpeels!"

#711 - "If There's Anything That Helps You Remember How Old You Are, It's A High School Reunion. Next Week I Go Back To The Place I Grew Up For The First Time In 20 Years, And Come To Think Of It That Was My Last Reunion!" I Was On The Radio Back Then, But Didn't Have The Freedom To Tell Stories And Name Names. My Attorney Still Thinks It's A Bad Idea, But He I Told Him I Was Going To Exorcise My Right To Do So Anyway!"

#712 - "It's Inevitable That When I Do A Radio Like This One � Or This One In Fact � That I'd Have A Lot Of News When I Got Back, So Here's The Story In 60 Minutes And There Is A Ticking Clock Involved."

#761 - "A Tribute To A Songwriter Who Took Us Down The Tobacco Road With Some Serious Reservation! And A Second Tribute To An Artist/Producer Who Brought Us Whitney, Champagne And Other Fine Things."

#762 - "There's Lots Of Real Records In The Mix And While We Won't Set Any Of Them, If We Don't Play Them, This Show Won't Be One For The Albums, Uh, Books!"

#763 - "A Tribute To A Songwriter Who Had A Lot Of Hits That Thrilled Us In The Night And Fit Right In On The Special Adapter Required For The 7" Edition Of This Radio Show!"

#764 - "This Show Comes Right From The Stacks. No Not The Memphis Label, I Mean The Records And CD's! O.K., You're Right, Stacking Records Isn't Good For Them So Please Take Better Care Of Your Stuff Mr. Big Menace!"

#765 - "Seconds Before I Produced The Show, We Lost Two More Rock and Rollers Of Note Who While Decades Apart, Have A Baby In Common!"

#813 - "When I Created This Show, I Knew I'd Be Doing A Tribute Or Two And Reporting Some Current Events. I Had No Idea I'd Become A Betting Man On What Was Coming Next!"

#814 - "A Couple More Tributes, A Must-See Film And Some Songs That Have Nothing To Do With Either Things Which Might Be A Theme In And Of Itself!"

#815 - "I Gotta Tell �Ya, It's Brave Of Me To Do One Of These Shows Where I've Picked A Buncha Songs, But Don't Even Know What The Set Titles Are Yet!"

#816 - "816 Shows Ago, When I First Did This Show Back In 2002, I Had No Idea How Much Responsibility There Was That Went With It. And With That We Have A Lot To Get To Because We Are No Longer A Flash In The Pan, Though I Will Say That The Beats Are Still Easy And There's Still Meat In Each Set, Or Loaf So To Speak!"

#865 - “The Show Where I Tell The Story Again About My Polish Grandmother Throwing The Hippies Out Of Her Basement Apartment That Lead To Me Discovering “Surrealistic Pillow” at Age 11 (A Tribute To Marty Balin)!”

#866 - “Two Tributes: One To The Man Behind The Faders Who Made So Much Music, He’ll Never Fade Away!” The Second To A Power Pop Genius With Stars In His Eyes.“

#867 - “I Decided To Achieve A New Goal: To Be Mathematically Early For The 7” Edition. So, Pretend With Me That It’s Next Week As All Of These Songs Reflect A Brighter Future!”

#868 - “It’s A 12” Edition! No Not Albums, 12” Single Mixes!!”

#918 - Laura Was Right, We Need To Save The Country Now! If You’re Listening In Canada Or New Zealand, Suggestions Welcome!!”

#919 - “We Lost A Legendary Beatmaker, Who Whipped Many Others Of His Kind, And In Effect Creamed Them With No Blind Faith Required!”

#970 - “Sometimes I Just Want To Hear Some Songs That Sound Good On The Radio. The Good News In My Case, Is I Can Make That Happen!" Edition

#971 - “I Think Given The State Of The World Right Now, What We Need Is Someone To Pull A White Rabbit Out Of A Hat. Nothin’ Up My Sleeve, Presto!” Edition

#972 - The “Two Tributes And The Rest Of The Show Is On The House!” Edition

#973 - “Some Lovin’ For Spencer And A Pretty Obscure 7” Edition” Edition

#974 - “This Might Be The Scariest Halloween Ever, Because The Only Treat Will Be No Tricks On Election Day – Not To Mention Wearing A Mask Just Isn’t A One Night Thing!” Edition

#1022 - “It’s Time Again For Those 7” Stacks Of Wax To Go Spinnin‘ Round! After All, They Are The Platters That Matter And They Are So Groovy That They Will Never Get Married Because They Have To Stay Single!"

#1023 - “In Honor Of The Opening Of The New Academy Museum Here In Los Angeles, I Present A Radio Program That Is Sure To Win The Best Supporting Socks Award In A Slow-Motion Picture!”

#1024 - “This Is The Russian Roulette Edition. No Song Has Been Selected In Advance Except The First One. So The Chamber is Empty – Let’s Hope I Don’t Shoot Blanks Or As They Say In Radio Parlance – Dead Air!”

#1025 - “This One Started With A Rare Single And Then Finds Its Way To Many Modern Things From Dance To Space And A Need For To Close The Show By Kicking It Off!”

#1026 - “We Spend Some Time In Soho With The Ghosts And Then Hit Some One Hit Wonders And A Deep Track Or Three. All In All An Hour Of Radio That You’ll Never Hear Again – Unless You Catch It On Another Station!”

#1071 - Three Requests And Then The Rest Is A Top 40 7” Oldies Freeform Edition! I Think If We Have Any More Descriptives In That Show Title Someone Will Start Cursive-ing! “Ouch”s Is Right!

#1073 - A Tribute To An Artist Who Is Surely In Heaven – And As You Would Expect, The Show Goes To Hell From There!

#1123 - “Sometimes You/I Just Pull From The Stack And See What It All Comes Down To” Edition!

#1124 - The “I Wonder What Valentine’s Day Will Be Re-Named? A Tribute To The Good Old Holidaze!” And Why I’ve Lost The Urge To Reunion For Good!” Edition!

#1125 - A Film Without A Single Elvis Song, Another That Runs 206 Minutes And Lots Of Music That Has Nothing To Do With Either Of Them Edition!” Edition!

#1126 - A Tribute To Dwight Twilley & The Halloween Edition – I Think Dwight Will Approve!” Edition!


#306 - It's Time To Take Off Your Costume And Go Back To Being Yourself. What Do You Mean That's Not A Costume And You Are Being Yourself? If That Isn't A Costume Then I'm Dennis The Menace! What Do You Mean I AM Dennis The Menace?" Edition

#307 - "In Order To Win The Grand Prize, You Have To Listen To The Entire Show Tonight. Or You'll Never Be Able To Ascertain How The Opening Song And The Closing Song Connect. Word To The Wise: If You Tivo The Show Ahead Of Time, The Judges Will Disqualify You Immediately!" Edition

#309 - "In Order To Win The Grand Prize, You Have To Listen To The Entire Show Tonight. Or You'll Never Be Able To Ascertain How The Opening Song And The Closing Song Connect. Word To The Wise: If You Tivo The Show Ahead Of Time, The Judges Will Disqualify You Immediately!" Edition

#310 - "I Am Thankful For Some Many Things It's Hard To Know Where To Start. While I'm Thinking About That, Can You Pass The Turkey, The Sweet Potatoes, The Peas And Carrots, The Mac And Cheese, And Geez, Please Tell Me There's Another Bottle Of That Expensive Pinot Around Somewhere!" Edition

The Menace�s Attic Episode #311 - "Thank God We Still Have Our Brains, Because I Gotta Tell �Ya Losing A Hard Drive Is Like Having A Lobotomy Even If The Data Is Intact!" Edition

#358 - The "This Show Is A Major Cheat, Because I Was Supposed To Do The 7" Edition Last Week. After All, You Can't Evenly Divide 358 by 7. That Said, Since Our Country Has Come Together This Week And We're Not As Divided As We Once Were, I Figured The Answer To �Can I Do The 7" Edition A Week Late' Is: YES I CAN!"

#359 - The "Not That I Would Ever Use The Radio To Gratuitously Promote Something I Am Involved In, But I Am Presenting Matthew Sweet At The Great American Music Hall Next Thursday Night And Doing A Session They Day Before, And Don't Have A Date For The Show Yet � Hey Wait A Minute, Next Thing You Know This Show Will Be Sponsored By E-Harmony � Or Even Better L. Ron Hubbard, Which Is Basically The Same Thing!

#360 - The "Every Time The Writer Of A Disaster Song Dies, The World Gets A Little Safer!"

#361 - What Do Those Folks At The Rock And Roll Know About The Songs That Influenced Rock And Roll, And How Exactly Did They Tally The Votes?

#411 The Menace�s Attic Episode - "Tonight's Show Is About Great Songwriting, Great Playing And Great Production. And There Will Also Be Some Music Played At Some Point Too!" Edition

#412 The Menace�s Attic Episode - The Menace's Attic Episode #412 November 13th, 2009 The "Don't Let The Fact That It's Friday The Thirteenth Freak You Out, At Least It's Not A Full Moon, In Fact It's A Waning Crescent, And Only 9% Of Full At This Very Moment!" Edition (Tonight's Show Is Also In Celebration Of "Pirate Radio" including An Interview With The Director Richard Curtis)

#413 The Menace�s Attic Episode - "Darn, It Would Have Been SO Cool If This Was Last Week, So Then The 413th Show Would Have Been On Friday The Thirteenth. Maybe If We Go By The Lithuanian Calendar It'll Work Better. And By The Way IF You Are Lithuanian, Please Understand That Your Nationality Is Only A Placeholder, And Next Time I'll Use Something Even More Obscure Like Uh�Well I'll Get Back To You On It Okay?"

#414 The Menace�s Attic Episode - The "At This Very Moment I Am On An Amtrak Train, On The Final Leg Of My Journey From Los Angeles To Oakland. I Think After 11 Hours Of That I Will Be Very Thankful To Not Be In The Kitchen With Dinah, Hear The Whistle Blowing, And I'm Not Going Anywhere Near A Blowing The Horn Joke!"

#463 - "I'm So Exhausted Tonight I Could Die. But That Won't Work Because If I Die, Than I'll Miss The Radio Show And My Memoirs Will Only Be Partially Done, And Then How Will Some Publisher Pick It Up? And How Will I Sell The Film Rights? Of Course If You Are Dead That's All Worth A Lot More Even Half Done. I'll Think About It And Get Back To You!"

#464 - "This Show Is Literally "Off The Wall." I Didn't Exactly Close My Eyes As I Picked Them, But I Did Pull Them For Airplay At The Speed Of Sound. What IS The Actual Speed Of A CD? I'd Love To Know, But My Brain Still Operates In RPM's Instead Of MegaBytes"

#465 - The "It's Another Live Edition Of The Menace's Attic Before I Go To Boca Raton For Thanksgiving, And No I'm Not Staying At Boca Del Vista With The Seinfeld Gang! And I Most Certainly Won't Be Playing Any : CUE UP MIAMI SOUND MACHINE HERE!" Edition

#466 - The "Boy That Song Sounds Really Good On The Radio!" Edition

#512 - "There's Nothing Like Playing Games With Someone's Career To Make The Week End On A Yukky Note. The Good News Is That I Can Let Music To Do The Talking And That Always Makes For An Epic Win!" Edition.

#513 - "Once Again I'm A Week Late On The 7" Edition. I'm Going To Blame It Tonight On Setting The Clocks Back And That Mixed Me Up." Edition. (All 45 RPM's Live On The Turntables In The Menace Studios)

#514 - "It's Time This Radio Show Went A Little Deeper And I'm Not Talking About The Host, Or The Themes. I'm Saying It's Time To Make Some Tracks, Deep Tracks That Is" Edition.

#562 - The "Given The Events Of The Past Week, I Think We All Better Vote Carefully Because To Quote Dylan, "You Don't Need A Weather Man To Know Which Way Blows!" Edition

#563 - The "While This Radio Show Was Always International In Nature, I Thought It Was About Time We Spread Our Wings A Little. So As Of This Episode, We Welcome Radio Andra To Our Growing Radio Family With An All Vinyl Semi-Obscure-Deep Tracks Along With A Hit Or Two!" Edition

#564 - The "For Those Of You Who Like A Glass Of Wine With Your Meal Or Cream In Your Coffee, Or Ginger With Your Sushi, Or Even Ginger Ale, This Musical Tale Of My Visit To The Napa Valley Film Festival Will Be Vintage!" Edition

#565 - "It's Too Late For A Thanksgiving Show And Too Early For A Hanukah Show, So I'll Just Have To Invent A New Holiday And Call It In-Between Day!"

#614 - "Welcome To The One Hit Wonders Volume 2. You Would Think It Would Be Hard To Create Theme Sets From Songs That Never Had A Follow-Up Hit, And While That Maybe True, Somehow I'll Manage To Do it So, I'm Not A One Hit Wonder Myself!"

#615 - "I Literally Just Got Off A Plane From New York City, So I Will Definitely Be Winging It For This Radio Show. All Songs Are Being Programmed As The Show Happens And Titles Written During The Last Song Of Each Set."

#616 - "The Mayoral Election In New York, The Shooting Of A Band In Brooklyn, The Typhoon In The Philippines Are All Heavy Subjects That Aren't Really Fodder For A Musical Radio Show. That Said, We'll Start A Little Heavy And Sugar Coat The Rest Of The Show Rapidly From There!"

#617 - "On Tonight's Show We Go By The Book. Well, Actually Exactly The Opposite Since The Book I'm Talking About Is Dedicated To The 80's New York Club AREA � Quite Possibly The Most Artistic Nightlife Project Ever! We Also Take A Pause For BatKid Who We Know Doesn't Listen To This Radio Show, But Once We Send Him A Souvenir Copy, There's No Doubt He Will!"

#618 - "I Know Thanksgiving Was Last Thursday, But That Doesn't Mean My Thankfulness Is Over By Any Means. Not To Mention I'd Look Like A Turkey If I Didn't Carve Out A Show From It Featuring Songs About, Uh, Thanks, Giving And A Few Turkeys In The Mix Too!"

#665 - "Three Tributes This Time Around: To The Cream De La Cream, A Teacher's Wife, And A Legendary D.J. Then, We'll Get To All Creepy On You For The Rest Of The Life Of This Show � Episode Of The Show That Is � We're Not Going Anywhere!"

#666 - "Once Again My Numbers Are Off By One. Last Week Should Have Been The 7" Edition, But We'll Just Pretend I've Got It Right, O.K.?!"

#667 - "Everything Played On This Radio Show Comes From A CD, Remember Those?"

#668 - "A Celebration Of The First Time Since It Aired That WKRP Can Be Seen With The Original Music! Hugh Wilson Creator and Writer Of The Series Joins Us, And You Could Win A Set Of DVD's With Every Season Of The Show!"

#669 - "How Can It Possibly Be Thanksgiving Again? It Feels Just Like Yesterday I Gobbled Together A Show For This Holiday. Next Thing I'll Need A Sanity Clause To Save Me From All This Holiday Pun!"

#714 - "Doing A Show Like This Requires A Lot Of Musical Knowledge! That Is True, But You Know What? On This Show I've Picked A Lot Of Songs And Have No Idea What I'm Doing Other Than That!"

#715 - "Even Though This Is Episode 715, It's Really Episode 714 For The Sake Of The Math. You See While I Was At My High School Reunion, I Re-Ran A Show Or Two And Those Had To Be Assigned Numbers And So � Oh Never mind. The Point Is You Can Divide 14 By 7 And So This Is A 7" Edition Of The Show!"

#716 - "Three Tributes And Good News About A New Album From An Icon You've Likely Never Heard Of. That Sounds Like A Pretty Typical Edition Of This Radio Show If I Do Say So Myself!"

#717 - "Some Cosmic Blues, Some Bubblegum, Some New Wave, Some Soul And Some Things That Aren't Easily Categorized Even In These Days Of Algorithms That Think They Know What We Like!"

#766 �Communications, Transportation, Rebellion In The Boroughs. Has The Whole World Gone Gaga? Not If I Have My Way!� -

#767 - "Given The World We Live In Today, We Could All Use A Little More Love, So I Decided To Do A Show With All Love Songs Because I Know You Will Love It. I Know You're Saying �How Original Can A Love Songs Show Be?" It's Been Done A Million Times. I Can Tell You For Sure, This Is The First Time This Love Songs Show Has Ever Been Done Because It's Love At First Sight!"

#768 - "This Time It Was Two Icons Leonard and Leon Which Really Is Kind Of Strange Since They Shared A Name But Not An U.N.C.L.E. Robert"

#817 - "This Is One Of Those Shows Where I'm Going To Let The Dominos Fall Where They Must And From There, You'll See That Even Though I've Been At This Awhile, I'm Still A Rook-ie! (That Was Supposed To Be A Chess Reference, And As Usual My Checkered Past Caught Up With Me!"

#818 - "There I Was Ready To Play A Bunch Of Digital Files And Then I Said, I Don't Want To Do That Calculated A Show! So I Pulled Out A Calculator Only To Find Out It Was Time To Go 100% Analog With Another 7" Edition!"

#820 - "We Lost Two Members Of The Family This Week, And So We Pay Tribute With Some Extended Relativity!"

#869 - “Is That A Mask You’re Wearing Or Your Hair Actually The Color Of A Rotten Pumpkin?!“

#870 - “Once Again I’ve Gone Through The Stax Of Wax And The CD’s To Put Together A Show That…Hey Wait A Darn Second CD’s Are Made Of Polycarbonate Plastic With A Thin Layer Of Silver And Gold And Digital Files Are Made Of Air. Since Stacks Of Polycarbonate Sounds Stupid, And You Can’t Have A Stack Of Air And Records Are Actually Made Of Polyvinyl Not Wax…Are You As Lost As I Am? Good! Let’s Get On With The Show!“

#871 - “All In All It’s Been A Really Crappy Past Week, So What Does That Mean For The Tenor Of This Radio Show? As Usual, We’re Going To Take The High Road And Get On With Life – Not Necessarily As We’ll Ever Know It Again!“

#922 - “In A Non-Descript Building At 6000 Sunset Building (And One Almost Next Door) Were The Grooviest Recording Studios Of All Time! And Today They Look As Good As They Sound!”

#923 - “Last Week I Geeked Out On One Studio. This Time We Spread The Music Snob Love To More Studios, Songwriters, Producers, Session Musicians – All For On The Record, of Course!”

#924 - “It’s Time For Another 7” Edition. That Means We’re Turning The Turntables On And The Digital Apparatus Off!”

#925 - “This Is The One About The $40 Bread And The $10 Croissants At The Hotel Bel Air. Oh And Then There’s The $28 Salmon Benedict!"

#926 - “Holy Cow! It Amazes Me That In This Many Shows This One Hasn’t Rung A Bell As Of Yet! Thanks To A Request From Hans, We’re Going To Milk This One For All It’s Worth!”

#975 - “I’m Recording This Show The Night Before The Election So My Intent Is To Keep Things Positive. Notice I Emphasized My Intent. I Think Jerry Jeff Would Like That Turn Of Phrase.” Edition

#976 - “Finally We’re Back To A Show With A Tribute And Other Than That, No Agenda – Political Or Otherwise!.” Edition

#977 - “I Guess I Didn’t Watch Much “Saturday Night Live” In 1996, So The Rerun This Past Weekend Was A Welcome Dose Of Non-stalgia And Much Needed Laughter. Yes, I Said Non-stalgia, Is That Not A Word, Like Uh, LOL?” Edition.

#978 - “Well, I Was A Week Ahead On The Top News Stories, So For This Show We’ll Operate On The No News is, No News And Just Stick To The Stories Related To The Music.” Edition

#1027 - “A Few Firsts In Stereo, Things That I’ve Been Meaning To Get To And As Usual Connections That Happened Way Beyond 5G And That Still Way Too Limited Selection Of Ringtones!”

#1028 - “A Few Firsts In Stereo, Things That I’ve Been Meaning To Get To And As Usual Connections That Happened Way Beyond 5G And That Still Way Too Limited Selection Of Ringtones!”

#1030 - “This Show Is Never Going To Air On A Thursday And That Means At Best You’re Going To Get A Token Song To Celebrate The Holiday And You’ll Just Have To Be Thankful Enough For That Mr. Wayne.”

#1075 - There’s A Lot Of Construction Going On In The Menace Studio And Its Environs, So It’s A Freeform Show – And That Part In Our Slogan About Something Dusty Applies More Than Usual!

#1076 - As The Construction In The Menace Studios Continues The Something Dusty Part Of Our Slogan Has Never Been More Appropriate. Luckily, I’m Deep Cleaning The 45 rpm Singles On This Freeform Top 40 7” Edition!

#1077 - This Week’s Spiel Is All About The Berg And Other Tales Of Growing Up!

#1078 - There Was A Moment In Time When Records Were Called Slabs Of Wax. It’s A Good Thing It’s Not Today, Because I Can’t Imagine The Kids Saying, “I’ll Bring Over My Favorite Slabs To Your Party This Weekend!” (A Mostly Free-Form, Deep Track,72.5 Percent Slabs Edition!)

#1127 - They Missed Being Massive By This Much. The Question Is Who’s To Blame? And We Know That If It’s Not In The Funk & Wagnalls, We’ll Never Know The Answer!


#313 - "If You Met Ross Bagdasarian On The Street, Do You Think He Would Really Talk Like Alvin, Or Is That Just A Trick?" Edition

The Menace�s Attic Episode #314 - "I Generally Don't Play Christmas Songs Because Lord Only Knows There Are Enough Of Them On The Radio Right Now. That Said, If I Don't Play That Augie Rios Track and Some Phil Spector I'll Have To Change My Name To Dennis The Scrooge, And I Just Don't Think The Scrooge's Attic Will Work As A Year Round Show Title!" Edition

#315 - "Don't You Hate Those End Of The Year Radio Shows Where They Pay Tribute To All The People Who Died That Year, And Act Like They Really Cared About Them When They Never Actually Knew Them At All? Well, Because I Don't Want To Be Lumped Into That Category, We'll Only Honor One Folk Who Died Just Recently And As For The Rest We'll Make Sure That If They Aren't Alive Their Bodies Are Relatively Cold!" Edition

#316 - "Well, Somehow It's Appropriate That My Last Attic For 2008 Is Dedicated To A Bunch Of Singles. Not Those Of You Who Are Looking For Your New Year's Date, Rather Those 7" Things With The Big Hole In The Middle. Okay, Let's Just Leave The Innuendo Right There, Okay Buddy? (Subtheme Yet Again: The Love Rollercoaster Child!)

#362 - "The Listener/Studio Audience Participation Ratio On This Particular Menace's Attic Is Much Higher Than Usual. Even Frank Zappa Would Find That A Bit Freaky!"

#363 - "Tonight's Radio Show Is So Good It Was Awarded The Good Housekeeping Seal Of Approval � And All I Had To Do To Get It Was Send In 5 Million Box Tops, 10,000 Green Stamps And Ask You To Become A Fan On My Facebook Page!"

#364 - "Only Two Or Three More Shopping Days Until Hanukah, Depending On How Religious You Are And How Much You Believe Jews Will Do ANYTHING To Get Things Wholesale!"

#415 The Menace�s Attic - The "If You've Got A Condo For Rent Anywhere That Has A Daytime Temperature of 70 Degrees, Invite Me I'll Supply The Burritos and Chicken Pot Pies!" Edition

#416 The Menace�s Attic - The "It's Hanukah and That Means That All Through The Attic, Not A Creature Is Stirring, And We're Lighting The Only Menorah That Also Doubles As A MP3 Player!" Edition

#417 The Menace�s Attic - The "It's a Conundrum, Hanukah's Over And You're Probably Already Inundated With Christmas Music. So, What Exactly Should I Do To Be Just Spiritual Enough, But Not Tacky! Well, One Thing I Know, There Will Be NO Kwanza Tunes Tonight!" Edition

#418 The Menace�s Attic - The "Well It's The End Of Another Decade � Heck Where Did It Go? I Mean 1999 Seems Like Just Yesterday" So I Thought We'd Head For The End And Beginning Of Six Decades And See What Those Were Like � Musically That Is!" Edition

#467 - The "It's So Good To Be Back In The Studio Live, Because No Matter How You Choose To �Label' This Radio Show, It's Living Proof That The Medium Is Not Dead. As Like To Say In The �Biz' Dead Air Is Just Not An Option!" Edition

#468 - The "Now That Hanukah Is Over There's An Incredible Void Of 15 Days Until Christmas. The Lennon Anniversary Will Certainly Cover Some Of It, And The Rest Is The Usual Mix Of Mistaken Identity, Unrequited Love And Urban Myth. Nothing Unusual For This Show!" Edition

#469 - The "Finally A 7" Edition, Although It Should Be The 14" Edition Because I Skipped The Last One. Of Course There Are No 14" Records So, I'll Once Again Just Have To Feel A Bit Inadequate Edition!" Edition

#470 - The "I Haven't Had The Time To Curate A Show Like This One In Forever, So Consider This Something Special In Your Stocking From A Nice Jewish Boy! For The Women In The Audience, Sorry I Know That Come Out Quite Right!" Edition

#471 - The "The Good News Is It's Only 9 pm on New Year's Eve, So You're Probably Not Drunk Yet. The Bad News Is That After You Finish Listening To This Show, You Will Definitely Want To Designate A Driver!" Edition (Every Set Starts With A Version Of Auld Lang Syne!)

#516 - "The Only Thing Worse Than Unrequited Love Is Trying To Find Love That Was Once Requited And Trying To Get It Back! Yes, I Just Saw The Movie "Young Adult!"

#517 - "When I Say This Show Is Really Something, I Mean It. I Am Not Leaving Something Out. In Fact, If Anything, I've Gone Overboard On The Something Tonight. And That's Something I Thought About Deeply!"

#518 - "This Is The First Time I've Been On-Time For The 7" Edition In At Least 21 Shows. Well Actually That Math Is Not Quite Right, Because It's 3 Shows If You Divide By 7." Of Course If You Carry The 1, The Whole Thing Gets Pretty Heavy. Get It? The 1 Is Heavy If You Carry It! Boy, It's A Good Thing I Crack Myself Up, Or It Would Be A Sad Life!

#566 - "While Having A Healthy Diet And Regular Exercise Will Keep You Healthy, The Only Thing That Will Truly Keep You Young Is Rock And Roll! At Least According To My Personal Trainer And 11-Year-Old Kate"

#567 - "It's That Time Again Where I Spin Those Round Things With The Big Holes! Well Dollars To Donuts Boys And Girls: You Guessed It, It's Another 7" All 45 RPM's On The Two Turntables Featuring A Couple From My Friend Alan's Collection!"

#568 - "I Wonder If Anyone Has Ever Dedicated An Entire Radio Show To A Cat? While Not Every Song Will Exactly Be For Velvet, I'm Sure She Will Appreciate Many Of Them. As For You, My Listeners, I Promise That None Of Them Will Make You Fur-ious!"

#569 - "While I Usually Don't Admit It, Even This Jewish Boy From NYC Likes A Few Christmas Songs, And Since Hanukah Came Early, I Figure I Might As Well Keep The Holiday Spirit Alive. Oh Wait, Spirits Are Already Dead Aren't They. Oh Well, Then Let's Use Spirit As In Drinking � Milk, Of Course!"

#570 - "This Week's Show Chronicles Movie Sightings in L.A. and Here In SFO, As Well As A Couple Of Trips To Amoeba Records Because I Really Needed More Music To Play So I Can Keep This All Going For All Of 2013 Or At Least Until Awards Season Is Over!"

#619 - "This Show Is Dedicated To The City Of Boston, I Dig It On The Radio, In My Ears, On The T, The North End, To Sunny Giulia And Anthony Too. "

#620 - "It's A Connect The Dots Edition � Each Song Was Selected Freeform Live And In-Person To Go After The Song Before It!"

#621 - "Leave It To A Nice Jewish Boy From New York Named Irving To Influence A Radio Show Enough That I'm Willing To Accept The Hustle And Bustle Of The American Christmas Season!"

#622 - "Well Here We Are Smack Dab Between Christmas And New Years. It's Kind Of A Celebration No-Zone, So We'll Just Play Music That Relates To People Being Lost!"

#670 - "It's A Freeform Top 40-ish Party! Just Bring Some Chips And Don't Be A Dip And You're Invited!"

#671 - "This Show Will Take You From Brooklyn To Vancouver From Disco To Rock And If I Were You I'd Sit Back In Your Easy Boy And Roll With It All!"

#672 - "Once Again, The Jewish Boy From New York Attempts To Put Together A Non-Denominational Holiday-Themed Show And Fails Miserably. Well, Except For The Major Discovery: A 15 Second Chanukah Song I Have Never Played!"

#673 - "This Is For All Intents And Purposes The New Year's Show, The 13th One I've Done In Fact. I Don't Consider That An Unlucky Thing, Because We Are Lucky To Have So Many Incredible Artists And Bands To Play, And With That, Let's Set �Em Up For The Joe's And A Sam And Carry On From There!"

#718 - "This Radio Show Has More Than A Little Heart And Soul. In Fact, That's All It's Got, So If You Are Heartless Or Soulless, You Might Pick Up A Few Tips On How To Find Your Very Own!" (Part 1 of a 2 Part Theme!)

#719 - "A 35 Year Anniversary That Seems Like Yesterday, The Loss Of A Pilot & A Jazzman, And Part Two Of Our Heart And Soul Edition!"

#720 - "It's An Old-Fashioned, Freeform Record Party Which Is Short Hand For, I've Had No Time To Prepare The Show In Advance, So There's Going To Be A Lot Of Running Around The Menace Studios And Hopefully I Won't Trip!"

#721 - "Two Tributes To Two Producers � One A Writer Too � Who Would Have Loved To Hear Their Music Off The Originals Scratches And All On This 7" Edition!"

#769 - "I Haven't Done An Official Thanksgiving Show In Years, So Why Should I Stop Now? Oh Wait, We Have Something To Be Thankful For Don't We? Don't We? Okay, Can I Get Back To You On That?"

#770 - "I Just Saw The Film "Jackie" And Even Though It's Already December, This Show Will Takes Us Back To The Fall Of Camelot Starting in November 1963 And The Fall Of Many Other Kings In The Decades To Come!"

#771 - "This Show's All About An Iconic Spaceman and a Spacey Prog Rock Keyboardist"

#772 - "This Is Sorta Kinda A Holiday Show. No Chanukah Songs Made The Cut, Only A Coupla Christmas Songs Will Be Played And The Rest Are Seasonal, Though I'm Also Peppering In A Few Things That Have Nothing To Do With Any Of It!"

#773 - "A Tale Of One City And Two Musical Faiths Featuring Tributes To Lisa and George Who Faithfully Entertained Us In Ways We'll Never Forget!"

#821 - "A Totally Unexpected Tribute To An Artist Not That Many People Knew That Well. Those Of Us Who Did Thought He Was Mighty Keene!"

#824 - "I've Been Trying To Come Up With A Hanukah Show Forever, And I Finally Figured It Out: Play Songs Sung Or Written By Jews!!"

#825 - "It's The Last Show Of The 14th Year Of Its Existence And While That Should Be A Special Occasion, I Decided That Every Single Show Is One Anyway, So Let's End This Compound Sentence And Save The Big Deal For The Anniversary Show Next Week, If I'm Not Canceled Before Then!"

#873 - “In The Olden Days, Radio Used To Do Artist “Rock Blocks” And I Used To Think They Were Basically An Excuse For Programmers To Be Lazy. Really, I’m Not Feeling Lazy This Week I Just Thought No One Had Ever Done A Blockhead Rock Block And It Was Time!“

#875 - “It Doesn’t Get Anymore Punk Than Losing Pete Shelley And Bleecker Bob In The Same Week.”

#876 - “A More That Bass-ic Tribute To Wrecking Crew Bass Player Joe Osborn”

#877 - “This Is The Last Show Of 2018 And The Pressure Is On To Make It A Good One. I Accept The Challenge As We Go Into Our 17th Year Of This Thing. Heck, I’ve Got To Get It Right At Least Another 40 Or So Times In This Lifetime – Not To Mention The Next One!“

#927 - “Artist Manager And Friend David Bason Joins Me To Show Us The Bass-ics (The Best Guitar Parts Ever!)”

#928 - “It Started With An Artist Tribute And From There On In, I Gotta Do What I Got To Do!”

#929 - “We Lost One Of The Grooviest Guys In Rock And Roll, And In His Honor, We Promise To Make The Show Even More Teenage Than Usual!”

#930 - “We Finally Got Some Requests in, And Based On That I Am Considering Changing Our Policy In The Next Decade. Please Check Your Mailbox For Further Details”

#979 - “A Couple Of Birthdays And A Classic Record Party Courtesy Of Those Faster Spinning Discs With The Big Holes (AKA The 7”Edition!)

#980 - “A Show So Completely Unthematic I Didn’t Even Try To Program It. That Said, By The End We’ll Know What It’s All About. Right, Burt?"

#981 - “I Had A Few Issues With The Bee Gees Documentary. That Does That Mean I Won’t Build An Entire Show Around Their Music!"

#982 - “Since Everything Is Turned On Its Head, The Winter Week With The Shortest Day Of The Year Is Perfect For A Summer. Radio Show!"

#1031 - “It’s Ironic That We Lost Sondheim Just Before Spielberg Hits The West Side. It’s Proof That Us Jews Will Be Jets All The Way – Though I Have To Admit This Show Is Going To Be More Of A Puddle Jumper!”

#1032 - “This One Started With Tom’s Numerical Appreciation Of A Road Trip And Will End When Our Number (In This Case 60 Minutes) Is Up!”

#1033 - “Thank You Les Emmerson For The Great Songs And The Opportunity To Pay Tribute To Your Work With Even More 70s Canadian Music It’s Highly Likely No One Listening Has Heard Before!”

#1034 - Four Tributes Is Some Sort Of Record – And All Of These Artists Made Some Brilliant Ones!

#1035 - It’s Our Last Show For 2021 And While It Would Be Obvious To Look Back, How’s About We Look Forward Like Six Months. From Now And Pretend It’s The 70’s Until Then. See, The Decade You Thought Was Kinda So-So Doesn’t Look So Bad In The Rear-View Mirror Does It?

#1079 - We Lost A Vocalist Who Gave Us Two Of The Biggest Movie Theme Songs Of The 80’s, So After We Pay Tribute, Some Serious Soul Jams Of Every Flavor Are In Order!

#1080 - We Lost Two More Artists – One Barely A Shadow In The Night, The Other With A Golden Voice For The Ages!

#1081 - Angelo Is Off To Heaven To Find The Dwarf And Other Holiday Tales!

#1082 - Three Special Tributes On This Week’s Show Add Up To Special Fun For Romeos And Rascals.

#1083 - If The Sound Of The Records On This Radio Show Ring A Bell, You Can Thank Thom!

#1129 - I’m Back From Portugal With Some Vinyl And A Great Story You Will Only Know If You Lived There!

#1130 - All It Took Was The Purchase Of One 45 rpm Single By The Grass Roots And We Were Off To Our Theme – With One Diversion Into The $2.99 CD I Also Found For A T.V. Repair Story? Why Does A T.V. Need To Be Repaired. I’ll Save That For The Tubes That Aren’t You!

#1131 - Three Tributes, An Anniversary, And The Where It Goes From There Even I Don’t Know Yet!

#1132 - We’re Not Due For A 7” Edition For Another Couple Of Shows So Consider This A Late Chanukah Gift And An Early Christmas One!

#1133 - Lots Of Really Obscure Stuff And An Equal Amount Of Hits! Otherwise Known As The Last Attic Of 2023!


#316 - "This Show Is Dedicated To Some Of The Best Rock And Roll Songwriters Of All Time, The Artists That Should Have Had The Hit Version Of And Well, Just A Few That Should Have Never Written A Song Or Had A Hit In The First Place!

#318 - "After All These Years You Are Probably Tired Of Hearing Me Talk About Going To Sundance. Blah Blah Blah Isn't Dennis The Menace Important Blah Blah Blah Premieres, Blah Blah Blah, Movie Stars Blah Blah Blah Six Decades Of Rock And Roll By Theme. Blah Blah - Hey Wait A Minute You Can Have Every Set Of Blahs Except The Last One Or The Next Hour Is Going To Be Pretty Darn Quiet" Edition

#319 - "Even Though I'm At Sundance Right Now, This Show Is Prerecorded and Edited So Perfectly You'd Never Know It Wasn't Actually Live. This Show Is Prerecorded And Edited So Perfectly You'd Never Know That�Geez Louise, He's Not Really Going To Stoop To That Kind Of Lowbrow Humor Is He? If So, Let's Hope The Quality Of The Music Is Just A Bit Above Rheingold. It Used To Be The Champagne Of Bottled Beers, �Ya Know!

The Menace�s Attic Episode #320 - "It's So Good To Be Back In The Warm Weather! Hey Look, When You've Been In Park City, Utah With Temps In The Single Digits, 45 or So Degrees Is A Gosh Darn Heatwave!"

#366 - "Next Week, I'll Be Celebrating The 8th Anniversary Of The First Episode Of This Radio Show. With That Comes And Immense Responsibility To Uphold The Tenets That This Show Was Originally Created Upon. So, Basically That Means After All The Time The Tenants Deserve A Rent Increase, Don't You Think?"

#367 - "Almost Exactly Eight Years Ago Tonight, I Did The Very First Menace's Attic. Now Given That The Traditional Eighth Anniversary Gift Is An Electrical Appliance, I Say Why Wait Until The Tenth Anniversary To Raise A Glass And Have A Toaster Oven To The Show!"

#368 - "Since I'm At Sundance Yet Again And Needed Some New Schtick For A Movie-Themed Show, We've Brought Back The Movie Clips!"

#369 - "My Radio D.J. Went To The Sundance Film Festival And All I Got Was This Lousy $75.00 T-Shirt, A $25.00 Baseball Cap And A Free Copy Of Entertainment Weekly I Already Read A Week Ago!"

#370 - "Tonight's Show Is Quirky, Jerky, And Features Misnomers, Cover Versions And Lots Of Surreality, Which Is Now Being Marketed By Kelloggs Even Though It's Not A Word! ?"

#419 - The "It's The First Year Of The New Decade And We're Already Being Told How To Pronounce It Correctly � It's Twenty-Ten And Don't Mess It Up Or They'll Send You Back To The Last One And We Know How Badly That Would Stink!" Edition

#420 - Tonight's Guest D.J. Has Appeared On The Show Since She Was About Three, And Can Run The Control Board Better Than I Can! (Special Guest D.J. Kate Scheyer!) Edition

#421 - This Is The 7" Edition I Was Supposed To Do Last Week When Kate Was On The Show And The Fact Is At Age 8 She Can Add Better Than I Can, So Let's Pretend You Can Divide 421 By 7! Edition

#422 - "While I'm At The Sundance Film Festival I Thought We'd Listen To Some Iconic Tracks That Truly Make The Movies They're In!" Edition

#423 - "No Matter How You Slice It I'm Going To Sound Snooty When I Say Things Like "Oh Yeah, I Saw The New Movie About The Runaways at Sundance, And You Can't See It Until March, Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah!" Edition

#472 - I Need To Forewarn You That There Is Something Funny About The Show Tonight Other Than Me. Which Means It Might Actually Be Funny Ha Ha Instead Of Funny Strange This Time Around! Special Guest: David Owen, Co-Founder Of San Francisco SketchFest. And We Celebrate The Ninth Anniversary Of This Radio Show!

#473 - This Week's And Next Week's Shows Are Truly Freeform. I've Brought A Pile Of Songs Into The Studio With No Particular Plan And Just A One Word Theme Amongst Them: "Moon!"

#519 - "It's Another Freeform, Off The Wall Edition Where The Music Never Stops Until We Run Out Of Time And The D.J. Talks Up To The Post Just Like The Olden Days!"

#520 - "I Originally Asked Robert Redford To Program This Show, But When He Told Me He Was Going To Open It With Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head" I Politely Asked Him If It Was Alright If I Just Attend His Film Festival Again! (Yup, DTM Is Headin' For Sundance Again!)"

#521 - "It Looks Like Winter Is Finally Hitting In Some Parts Of The Country. That Fact, Really Has Very Little Effect On This Radio Show, Except For Perhaps The Opening Song, And Anything Else I Happen To Come Upon That Will Prevent It All From Becoming A Snow Job!�And Should You Believe I'm Using That Merely As A Pun, Get Ready For Me To Explain The Derivation Of That Expression!‟

#522 - "This Show Is Filled With Stories Both Fiction And Non-Fiction. Some With Friction And Others That Are As Smooth As The Dulcet Tones Of Your Host. So Turn Up The Bass And Treble, �Cause The Midrange Ain't Where It's At Baby!"

#571 - "Even Though This Show Always Seems Freeform, Most Of The Time It's Programmed To The Minute. Tonight, In An Effort To Be Truly Freeform, I've Picked The Songs, The Theme, But Have No Idea Where It's All Going To Go From Here � Which Of Course, Is Appropriate For Saluting A Lost Page And Opening A Bunch Of New Ones For The New Year!"

#572 - "Omigosh, Can You Believe It's Already The SECOND WEEK OF JANUARY? Boy, Is The Year Going By Fast! Where Did That Entire FIRST Week Go?"

#573 - "I've Been Going To The Sundance Film Festival For At Least 5 Years Longer Than This Radio Show Has Been On The Air. That Said, Please Don't Ask Me What I Think Of Showgirls Or Ishtar. I Believe Everyone Needs To Keep One Secret, Don't You?"

#574 - "A Tale Or Two From Sundance And Some Great Narrative Dialogue In The Form Of Lyrics!"

#623 - "Almost 12 Years Ago, I Entered A Radio Studio In San Francisco To Broadcast The Very First �Menace's Attic'! Back Then, I Had No Idea What This Show Would Turn Into, And I'm Pleased To Say, All These Years Later, Things Are Much The Same. I Do Know That This Will Be The 105th 7" Edition Of The Show. That's A Lot Of 45 RPM Platters That Matter!"

#624 - "This Radio Show Is Kind Of Like A Match That Remains Lit For 60 Minutes, A Roller Coaster That Never Ends, A Guitar Solo That Goes On Forever, A � Geez, If I Don't Stop The Analogies, The Music Will Be Over Before It Ever Started! Now That Was So Heavy, Even I Didn't Understand It Edition."

#625 - "Well Once Again I Am At The Sundance Film Festival And All I Brought You Back Was An Overly Priced, Made Of Heirloom Cotton From Politically Correct Sheep And Their Very Cinematic Herders And Lousy Nonetheless T-Shirt. Every Song Tonight Is Included On A Film Soundtrack."

#626 - "This Show Has A Lot Of Soul. Blue Eyed, White Eyed, Rockin' Filet Of And Even Some Black Eyed � Which Is What The Captain Felt Like After Tennille Served The Papers!"

#674 - "For The First Show of 2015, I thought I'd Do Something I've Never Done Before! No, I'm Not Going To Change My Radio Name To Telegram Sam. Thank You For The Kind Thought. I Am, However, Going To Play Only Songs From Years Ending In 5 For Our Six Decades, Those Being 55, 65, 75, 85, 95, and 05!"

#675 - "In Honor Of The 13th Anniversary Of This Radio Show And The Fact That a 7" Edition Is Way Overdue, Let's Dispense With The Numbers And Get To The Singles!"

#676 - "The Show Starts Out With A True Sense Of Belonging And Then Rapidly Descends Into Extreme Loneliness That Isn't Exactly Loneliness Since Being Alone Can Be Very Romantic!"

#677 - "New (Unfortunately) Tributes To Dallas Taylor and Kim Fowley And An Archival Show From When I Went To Sundance in 2008 (I'm Still Alive And There Now Too!)"

#723 - "I'm Not Sure We've Ever Done A Tribute That Spans An Entire Show, But The Fact That This Man Was Stayin' Alive For 81 Years Given His Lifestyle Is Worthy Of A Superstar-Level Show!"

#724 - "A Special Tribute Opens 2016 As We Present A Final Vinyl Edition! So, Basically, We're Opening And Closing From Moment One Which Will Surely Cause Confusion Somewhere In The Middle!"

#725 - "A Tribute To David Bowie!"

#726 - "Here We Go With More Tributes: Glenn Frey, Clarence Reid (Blowfly), Dale Griffin, Mic Gilette And Though Seemingly Impossible � Some Reasons To Be Cheerful!"

#774 - "As We Go Into Our 15th Year of Six Decades Of Rock & Roll by Theme We Present Our First 7" Top 40 Show Of 2017!"

#775 - "Our First Artist Loss Of 2017 Is Someone Who Wrote A Song That Was So Influential To The "

#776 - "This Show Is Proof That No Matter Where You Come From Life And Death Are The Great Equalizers!"

#826 - "It's The First Show Of The New Year, A 7" Edition, And We're Offering A 50% Off Coupon On All Previously Marked-Down Songs!"

#827 - "I Had To Be In New York For A Few Days, And So I'm Producing This Show in Advance. I Decided Not To Cop Out And Play Only Songs About New York, Until Thinks Truly Got Messed Up And Whatever Theme There Wasn't Supposed To Be Turned Out To Be Virtually None At All. And That's The Reality Of The Situation You've Walked Into. Unless Of Course, You Took The Bus!"

#830 - "During The Search For A Theme For What Was Originally This Final Vinyl Edition, I'm Afraid We've Experienced Three More Losses, One That's Moody And Blue, Another That's All About The Gospel, And Most Surprising Of All An Irish Singer With A Voice From The Gods."

#878 - Wow! It’s 2019. Things Feel Different Already? What? You Can’t Tell? Well, By The End Of This Final Vinyl Edition, I’m Sure We’ll Set The Record Straight!

#879 - If I Was Ever Looking For Proof That The Phrase “No One’s Getting Younger” Is True, Tonight’s Five Tribute Show Is A Record Breaker!

#880 - There Are A Lot Of Stories On The Show Tonight, So Think Of Me As A Human High Rise Building Who Wants To Elevate Your Musical Knowledge Without Having To Show Up To Unclog Your Drain On A Sunday!

#931 - “Well Here Are In A New Decade! And Given It’s 2020, I Should Have A New Vision Of This Radio Show, Or At The Very Least Add A Decade. We’ll See How It Goes!"

#932 - “We Started The Year By Losing One A Major Humorist Who Proved That The World Could Bonzo With Each Other And Still Hold Hands!"

#933 - “In Theory This Show Should Be A Showcase Of Perfunctory Percussion, But I Didn’t Do My Homework And So I’ll Just Have To Drum Up What I Can As A Cymbal, Uh Symbol Of My Dedication To My Audience!”

#983 - “I’d Like To End The Year On A Positive Note, But That Ain’t Going To Happen. On The Other Hand, Ending It On An Angry Note Ain’t Going To Solve Anything. So, I’ll Go With Reasonable Hope Even Though We Have Quite The Mountain To Climb. And Yes Kids That’s A Reference To Our Last Tribute Of The Year."

#984 - “Two Tributes To Two Brits Who Gave Us Some Of The Most Poppermost Song That Made The Toppermost Of Our Hit List!”

#985 - “We’re Not Due For A 7” Edition Of This Radio Thing For A Few Episodes, But Listening To Airchecks Of Two Iconic NYC Radio Stations Made Me Ready Now!"

#986 - “One Was A Doll Of A Guy. The Other A Mad Genius Built A Wall That Opened The Borders Of Sound In So Many Ways It’s Hard To Keep Track Of!” And Now, With Full Alliteration, A Show About Syl And Phil. (A Special 90 Minute Show)

#987 - “This Week It’s A Legitimate 7” Edition Of The Show. Or As Others Might Say, it’s Kosher. Although If You Were Listening On A Saturday, No One Would Have To Close Their Business Or Worship. That Is Unless You Worship The Grooves I’m About To Dig into, Of Course."

#1036 - It’s Our First Radio Thing Of 2022 And While I Know You’re Expecting Something Divisive, It’s Yet Another Show Full Of Stories, Lost Love And Even A Light Motif!

#1037 - A Couple Of Tributes, And A Bunch Of Tracks That Worked Together Served Up With Love – Though They Are Not Gluten Free. Amen!

#1038 - A Tribute To Ronnie.

#1084 - There’s A New Voice On The Show. Never Fear, I’m Not Leaving – I Just Felt The Show Was A Bit DUSTY! Other Than That, It’s The Same Old Six Decades of Rock ‘n Roll By Theme. Well, Actually, That’s Not True Either!

#1085 - I’m Saving The 7”. Edition For Next Week Because We Have A Birthday And A Storm To Deal With First!

#1086 - The Math Is Wrong, But The Speed And Diameter Is Right. It’s A 7” Edition – All 45 rpm, 7” Singles!

#1087 - This One’s For David.

#1134 - “I’m Not A Religious Man, But I Do Think We Need A Show Of Faith To Make Sure That 2024 Doesn’t Go Wrong – And If You’re Listening In The Wrong Color State Or State Of Mind You Might Want To Stop Holding Your Breath!”

#1135 - “It’s A Vinyl Record Collector’s Show – AKA A Bunch Of Records And CD’s I Recently Acquired, Or Pulled Out Of The Archives Just Because!”

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